February 23, 2014

They Liked Me...

 Before I start a new week, I want to show you the ribbons I earned
at our 2014 Disconnected Piecers Quilt Guild Show. I was truly grateful
for the recognition for quilts I created over the past two years. Only one
was actually created to be a competition piece, and I was thrilled to have
it awarded for my efforts. So without further ado, let's get to it, shall we?
 "Over The River - My Way" earned a First Place ribbon in the
Collaborative - Bed Quilt - Small - Mixed Technique category.
You'll notice two blue ribbons. One is for me and the other will
go to Pat Alderman for her stellar longarm work. She made my
handwork and piecing look even better! (Thanks, Pat!) 

The third ribbon (in the first photograph), was awarded to the quilt
for "Viewers Choice".  After people viewed the show, they chose 
their favorite quilt and left their vote in a ballot box on their way
out. They liked me! I'm honored and humbled to have received this
ribbon, because it was given by a vote of my peers. (squeeeeeee!)
"Princeton Plates" received a Second Place ribbon in the Collaborative - 
Bed Quilt - Large - Mixed Technique category.  Pat Alderman
also did the longarm work on this quilt, so the second red ribbon is hers,
too. The large ribbon on this quilt is for "Best Track-Mounted Machine
Quilting". That ribbon will also make its way to Pat, as it was specifically
awarded for the work she did to enhance this quilt. She really deserved it!
 You can just imagine how pleased Handsome was to hear that "his"
quilt received this recognition. The quilt now resides on the guest room
bed, and it's perfect and soft for afternoon naps. He's got braggin' rights!
 "Martinique Plates" competed against "Princeton Plates" in the same category. 
It earned a Third Place ribbon. The judge later told me the difference between 
Second and Third was her assesment of the quality of fabrics used in one over 
the other. ("Moda™ Martinique vs Northcott™ Princeton.) Northcott™ won.

Susan Slaton did the machine quilting on this quilt and we stood next to 
each other during the judging. She was disappointed that her work didn't win 
the category, but I assured her that I adore this quilt and will cherish it always. 
 "Princeton Plates" earned a Third Place ribbon so Susan and I will each have a
ribbon to place on our wall for this quilt. (Thanks, Susan for your fine work!)

 I'm so glad that I was able to take photos of these quilts as they hung in the 
Exhibition Hall. The lighting really helped to show off all the beautiful 
longarm work, and we can see the entire quilt to its best advantage. It's back
 home in our master bedroom now, and I'm glad it's where it belongs again.
 You may remember that I made this small quilt as a model for a 
hand-applique' class  at Crazy Quilters last fall. When I finished
the quilt top, I asked Pam Wyka (who works there) to do the longarm
work. She did such a nice job. This quilt also earned a Second Place
ribbon for me, but this time in the Collaborative - Wall Quilt category.

One ribbon is mine and the other will go to Pam. (Thanks, Pammy!)
 This quilt now sits on our dining room table and looks right at
home against the same soft, muted colors in our area rug in the room.
 Last, but not least, is an Honorable Mention ribbon for The Pink Panther.
It competed in the Wall Quilt - Small - Applique' category.
 This quilt was a fun exercise in generating a realistic reproduction of 
an image - a well-known image at that! - in fabric and fiber. I had a 
great time creating it, and appreciate the recognition for my effort.

This show proved to be so much more than I ever dreamed or expected. 
By the time we got to returning quilts to our members, I was so tired.
Susan Slaton's "Dots & Jots" received a First Place ribbon.
 I had just received the Viewers' Choice Award and Susan and I were
folding and stacking our own quilts to take home with us. She said 
that she could have sold this quilt about 18 times over the weekend,
and I told her, "19. I love that quilt! It's so darn happy looking!"
l-r: me, Susan Slaton
As we continued to talk, Susan folded, placed it on my pile and gave it to
me as a gift. I asked her if she was serious and she assured me that she was.
I started to cry as I thanked her. She hugged me, told me to stop bawling 
and I whispered in her ear, "I think I need a nap."

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Chris said...

Congratulations Donna! Your work is so beautiful.

Lesley said...

Congratulations on your ribbons! All your quilts are stunning so I can understand why the judges though so too! What a generous gift to receive from your friend!

Jacque. said...

Congratulations to you, Donna. Well-deserved! How wonderful for you to receive that recognition for your gorgeous quilts.

Buttons said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on all the progress and for taking us on the journey with you. It was so much fun. I can imagine what a great weekend of friendship you enjoyed. Congrats! Ps. So how was that shock top????

Eleanor Mefford said...

Donna--Congratulations!!! Your quilts are stunning, and the awards were much deserved!!! I love seeing and reading about what you are doing, and I truly admire your talent (although, of course, I go to your website regularly just to check on Tag and his adorable self!) Love, Eleanor

Createology said...

Very well deserved ribbons of recognition. How extra nice that the longarm quilters also receive a ribbon for their work. Crowning achievements for your skills and stitchings. Congratulations Dear! How sweet of Susan to gift you with her blue ribbon quilt. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience and JOY...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Such happy news! I knew your quilts were the best! So, SO sweet of Susan to give you such a gorgeous quilt! Hope you are getting some rest now:) Twyla

carolg said...

Congratulations, Donna! So well deserved! I bought the Flutterby pattern after I saw it on your blog - now I feel really motivated to get it done!

Rettabug said...

Congratulations Donna on "sew" many well-deserved ribbons! You really had a banner year! I'm very happy for you.


Minimiss said...

Oh you clever lucky girl. Your hard work has been fittingly rewarded. xxx

Mandy said...

Very well done! Some well deserved ribbons there.
How very generous of Susan to have given you that bright and cheerful quilt. I look forward to hearing where you decide to keep it. It really deserves to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Donna, so well deserved. Congrats on all of your creativity.


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