February 18, 2014

It Was A Little Nerve Wracking...

This photo was taken at the beginning of Day One judging.
 Observing two days of quilt judging left us all excited and exhausted. 
There were a total of one hundred thirty two quilts submitted for critique.

I worked as a scribe (record-keeper) for the judge for most of those two
days. There were always two scribes at the table and we alternated writing
 down the judge's remarks as she inspected the quilts. The job requires a lot
 of concentration to make sure that your notes are accurate on the forms.
Judge Mary Zesiger, NQACT, NQACJ
 Our judge, Mary Zesiger is a Pennsylvania resident who spends time
in Florida each year. She has family in Ft. Myers, so we're fortunate to
have her staying so close to us this season. It was a real learning 
experience to watch her examine each and every creation put before her.
Judge Mary has a magnifier to use when the details really count.
 It was also nerve wracking for everyone who had quilts to be judged. I 
realized that my pulse accelerated whenever one of my quilts was in front 
of her. We were advised not to react to any of the quilts as they were 
revealed, nor were we to cheer or cut faces over her remarks. (Fortunately, 
I made it through two days without having to take a tranquilizer!)

I'm thrilled with the results of the judging - which were revealed to everyone at
last night's guild meeting - but I've decided to wait until Friday to share with you.
I want to take photographs at the convention center with the ribbons attached. 

I'm already thinking about what I'll create for our next show. Taking part in this 
process has been wonderful for me. I make quilts I love for my family, friends 
and home. Submitting them for competition provides the added bonus of 
recognition for those efforts. There's also a level of humility and exhilaration 
having your works compared to the efforts of others. We have so many gifted
quilters in our guild, and the competition makes all of us reach to be our best.

Today though, I'll take the day off and rest up for the busy weekend ahead.

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Createology said...

Oh you TEASE! I just knew you and your quilts would do really well. I cannot imagine the intense scrutiny the judges put into their assessment of fabric and stitches. You must have gained a college of knowledge just being part of this process and scribing. Oh...Oh...Oh...
Rest my friend and I shall await Friday.

laurajane said...

Oh goshI have to wait until Friday,and I was holding my breath while reading this.

Gloria M said...

Donna, I do not like waiting until Friday. That is not a fun game. I do so hope that the Over the River and Handome's tie quilt won. Can't wait to find out. On pins and needles for you. Gloria

Shirley said...

Donna, I can imagine the vast knowledge that you learn being a recorder for the judge. I love the quilts that you took and remember them as you were working on them. Have you been ignoring poor Tag? I thought his post was funny even though I didn't leave him a comment today. I am trying to play catchup today with friends. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Buttons said...

How exciting! I've been thinking of you this week and what fun. I've been rubbing my tickets for good luck! I just know your beauties will be a hit. :)

Dorothy said...

I've just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the photos of your quilts.
You must have learned so much scribing for the judge. I'm amazed you were able to maintain your cool when your quilts were being judged. I would have been one big "hot flash"! lol
I'm looking forward to seeing the photos from your quilt show. Enjoy!

DeeDee said...

I know your work is awesome and I am sure they will see it that way too.. I would not be able to do this.. would make me a total nervous wreck for sure.. I hope you did good..cannot wait till Friday to see.. :D

Karen Gass said...

Oh it does sound nerve wracking - but I'll bet you learned a lot. Are you going to share that with us? :) I hope so! Can't wait till Friday to hear the results - how can you keep it under your hat for so long????? :) Karen


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