February 4, 2014

Scrambled or Sunny Side Up?...

First, I'm going to admit that I didn't work on my "Chocolate Bunnies
Table Topper" yesterday. Nope. Just didn't have that kind of concentration.
So, I played with eggs instead. Really. I'm going to tell you all about it!
I've had these little papier mache gems for over a year. I have moved
 them from drawer to cabinet because I couldn't decide what I wanted
 to do with them...until yesterday. I had one of those proverbial  "aha"
moments and decided to do something about it on the spot.
I got out my big bottle of PVA Glue from my book-making days
 (and because I didn't have any ModPodge), fabrics from my table
runner project, a brush and those eggs. I decided to cover them.
I put some of the glue into a little dish, cut the fabrics into scraps
and laid out a piece of freezer paper, shiny-side-up. I applied glue to
the surface of the eggs and then laid the fabric scraps on them to 
completely cover the eggs. When a piece of fabric was applied, I covered
it with more glue. Once the egg was completely covered, I set it aside
on the wax paper to let it dry. *PVA glue dries clear. It was that easy!
I'll set the finished table runner on our dining room table, and scatter
 the eggs on it with more Easter-themed touches. Won't they be fun?
(I might even have to go out and find a few more!)

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laurajane said...

Oh I love this idea,a big bowl of eggs in the centre of the table runner sounds lovely to me.OK I will have to make an Easter table runner now so I can pinch your idea.

Jacque. said...

Your fabric colored eggs are so dang cute! They will be perfect on your table runner! woohoo!!!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Wow, loving those adorable eggs! What fun, think I might have to try my hand at makiing some! You really did a great job!

Createology said...

EGGScellent addition to your Easter Table Topper decor. Now all you need is some grass and Chocolate Bunnies. Happy Hump Day Dear...

Tanya Rachelle said...

Fun! You are the energizer bunny!

DeeDee said...

Finally a project I can handle and they are so darling.. thanks Miss Donna... a must try for sure..


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