February 17, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Bidin' My Time...

Hi, Everybody!
I'm so glad you came by to visit me this week.
Ya wanna know why?
Web Image
I'm bored stiff, that's why!!!
Mom's been so busy with quilt show stuff that I'm not gettin' her
usual undivided attention. She's runnin' here and there, and I only
get to ride along in the truck with her if I'm really good and lucky!
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I ought to get a t-shirt with this on it! Really. It says it all...Honest! I'd give you
 a "disapprovin' corgi" look, but Mom didn't even take a picture of me this week!
Web Image
Ain't this the truth? Life IS better with a corgi.
Pay attention, Mom!!!
Thanks again for stoppin' by to visit me today.
It might be the only attention I get between now and Sunday!

"Tag. Just what kind of yarns are you spinning today?"
"Uhhhhh...nothin', Mom. I'm just conversin' with my friends."
"Come on, sweetie. Time for a little cuddle before I head over to
watch the judge rate a few more quilts. Wanna snuggle, snookums?"
"Sure, Mom! Could ya stop callin' me snookums, though? It's embarrassin."

I guess I might have exaggerated a teeny, tiny bit. I really do get my
share of affection. Don't tell Mom, ok? I've gotta run. Snuggles comin'.
'til next week...
"Wag Like Ya Mean It!"

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Createology said...

Oh Tag Dear I can see how you are feeling just a wee bit off...what with mom gone to quilt retreat and now this quilt show judging and so much for her to do helping with the show. I am very certain you will be the entire center of attention very soon! You are too cute to ignore. Today I saw a Corgi at the bistro in town and all I could say was...Look a Tag dog! Silly I know but you are front and center in my thoughts! Smooches and Life is Better with a Corgi named Tag!!! Happy Tales...

Eleanor Mefford said...

Tag--It's not fair when Mom has to go places where you're not welcome, and Louisa (my dog) wholeheartedly sympathizes. Up here in New York, we're having snowstorm after snowstorm, which Louisa, being a Newfoundland, loves--and since I'm not working right now, she's having a field day!!! We love reading about you and your Mom's gorgeous quilts, too!!! Love, Eleanor

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Sending you a belly rub boy. Keeping bunny ears crossed that your mom gets some ribbons for those gorgeous quilts.

Sharon Chapman said...

Oh Tag and I was getting ready to send you a first class ticket to Seattle. If ever you need to run away just let me know.

Sorry Donna couldn't help myself...


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