February 7, 2014

Busy Packing...

Some of the projects I'm taking along to complete
 When we used to live in Wisconsin, the time leading up to deer hunting 
season each fall was as sacred an activity as the actual hunt. Hunters
spend weeks preparing their gear, planning their strategy and packing.

I found a similarity between the pre-hunt planning and my activities today.
I'm getting ready for a three-day quilting retreat with some of my friends.
It's been organized by Susan Slaton of Wazoo Quilter. She does four of
these retreats per year, and this will be the first one I'm going to attend.
One of my quilt projects for the retreat
I'm taking a quilt kit that I assembled as one of my projects, and I still have one
more to prep (it's supposed to be a "quick and easy" project Susan will share). 

I'm also packing a couple of handwork projects just in case I decide to sit back
and stitch into the evenings. I have sleeves to sew into the backs of the quilts
I'm entering in our upcoming quilt show, tablet cases to finish and even new
potholders I need to make for our kitchen! I'll finish my bunny table runner, too.
A new pincushion to make at retreat
I'll be away from home from Sunday until Wednesday evening. 
Handsome said he and Tag are "still deciding whether or not they'll let 
me go at all". I'll continue to pack, assuming that they won't block the 
driveway so I can't leave. Of course, he's kidding, but it's a sweet game 
we play. After all, it's not that far away...only an hour or so up to Sebring.
Most importantly, my dear husband will be just fine while I'm gone. 
He's not one of those guys who can't thrive on his own. He rocks!

Today, I'll be at Sandy's for Coffee Club, and then come back to finish 
packing. I've got a list and everything! What are you doing this weekend?

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willa croft said...

Donna, how exciting for you and it looks like you have been hard at work in your preparations for the retreat. I know you will have a delightful time.

What a sweet dance you and your hubby do before you leave...so cute.

I'm painting on some glass canister jars this weekend, I think.


Createology said...

Handsome and Tag will be just fine while you are on sewing retreat. How wonderful to spend time with like-minded souls and share inspiration and creative energy. Your projects look like great fun and I know you will enjoy completing them all and in time for your quilt show.
I am dancing in our glorious rain we are finally receiving!!! Rainboots and puddles and me!!!
Safe travels my friend...

Kris said...
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Kris said...

Donna, that quilt retreat will be so fun and I love the looks of the projects you will be taking!! I am saving my money for a retreat sometime in the future!! I love them!! :-)) Have so much fun!!

nancy huggins said...

If the roads don't get worse I am going to get my hair done so I can go to new Church (new to me) that I would Love to go to..Hope the weather stays good enough for me to go :) Have a great trip Donna...Hugs..Nancy


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