April 5, 2018

They're Back...

Bluebird Male In Flight

I knew they'd come soon. I caught my first glimpse of them over the weekend, before Tuesday's big snowstorm. 

I was prepared. I'd cleaned out their houses from last year and readied them for this year's eggs about ten days ago. I wasn't sure when they'd arrive, but I knew their houses needed to be cleaned before they got here.

Bluebird Female

The storm arrived Tuesday as predicted and dumped lots of snow, so I fretted about them. During the day, it was coming down so hard that it was difficult to see our road. I relaxed when I saw the bluebirds going in and out of their houses. I knew they could shelter in there - or even in the compass barn if they needed to.

Bluebird Female

I awoke to bright sunshine yesterday morning, and by mid-day the snow was already melting. Our yard hosted robins, sparrows, a bright male cardinal, and two pairs of bluebirds. They fluttered around the house all day.

Bluebird Male

I spent the day in the studio, but the bluebirds took turns saying "hello" as they sat on the power line that comes to the farmhouse. They were right outside my window. How could I possibly resist taking pictures of them to share with you?

Bluebird House
There's still plenty of snow on the ground, but there are large areas of exposed grass. The birds were all taking advantage of the nice weather, finding food on the ground or in our grassy field. They continued to go in and out of this house, as well as the one that's at the other end of this fence line. 

The other house didn't have a nest in it when I cleaned them out, so I may have them too close together for the birds' comfort. I'll be moving the other house in the next day or so to another area of the yard. Perhaps having one that we can see while drinking our morning coffee (soon) on the front porch would be a good location.
At any rate, they're back again for this year, bringing with them the promise of many more beautiful, happy days to come here at Hickory Hill Farm.


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laura dowdall said...

Lovely pictures Donna .I would love to see a bluebird in real life.x

Createology said...

Your beautful birds are a sure sign that Spring is near. How JOYful to watch them and listen to their little voices. Now we will have rain to welcome Spring. Happy Birdsong Days...<3

TerriSue said...

Oh Donna, They are so sweet. I am such an avian person. I love all birds. The little female is just beautiful. We have a pair of red-headed woodpeckers around the house and get such a kick out of their rat-a-tat-tatting. To see that red head is such a thrill. The only one I have a problem with is a very large hawk that keeps coming by about once a week that I know of. I mean this is a LARGE hawk. It will perch in one of our oaks and look down at Bits. I have heard of people losing dogs to hawks. Since she is barely 5 pounds she never goes outside without someone with her. When I see the hawk I use my get here now voice and take her inside. I have to say that it is a beautiful bird. I just don't want it snacking on my baby!


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