April 7, 2018

A Wild Weather Day...

Snowy Hickory Hill Farm Compass Barn

Goodness, we had a wild weather day yesterday! The sky was clear when we got up, but by mid-morning, this was our view out the kitchen windows.

Hickory Hill Farm Wood Shed

The snow came down hard for a couple of hours, covering the grown with white stuff again.

Weather Watching With Coffee

But, other than letting the dogs out, we sat in the kitchen, enjoying our coffees and the view. I think our mugs pretty much covered our sentiments.

Eastern View From The Farm

By early afternoon, the sun was out, and strong winds followed. Looking out the front of the house, we could see more weather in the distance. 

It did snow a little more during the afternoon, but we managed to avoid it while we ran errands. The wind, however, continued to blow through the evening.

Western Sky Late Afternoon
We were meeting friends in the evening for a good-old fashioned Midwest Friday fish fry dinner at a favorite restaurant. As we headed west to go to their home, we saw yet another front bringing snow. Even so, it was hard to take it seriously with the setting sun shining brightly in the late day sky.

In the course of twelve hours, we managed to have a pretty interesting, typical Wisconsin spring weather day. I wonder what today will hold?

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Sewing In CT said...

We had weather than ran the gamut yesterday too!


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