April 9, 2018

A Mixed Weekend...

Lake Winnebago Shoreline
Handsome and I had a busy weekend. On Saturday, my dear friend, Laura, came to visit. I've known her since grade school, and when I had my needlework shop, she was my shop manager. I couldn't count how long we've been friends, but I'm sure you'll understand the fact that we have so many shared memories and experiences.

Tag and Laura

She drove down from the northeast part of the state and we spent the entire afternoon together, drinking tea and catching up. As you can see, that fickle Corgi jumped right up into the chair with her, and spent the entire time cuddling. Laura loved the attention. I just shook my head.
Wood Stove For Farmhouse Decor
After she left, Shelly and Andy came down with a new flea find for me. They brought a ittle wood stove for me! It's no longer suitable for actually burning anything, but will be perfect with a plant in the firebox. I think it needs geraniums! I'll show you again once they're planted.
Sunday morning, Handsome and I went to town to pick up some "girl supplies" for Bella (sigh), and then had brunch together. As we turned up our road to the farmhouse, I noticed a sandhill crane in the field. We usually see them standing on their long legs, but this one looked to be in a nesting position...too early for this time of year (and they don't nest in open farm fields either).

I was concerned, so we backed up the truck and I walked far enough into the field to see that she was injured and dragging herself by her wings. Both legs were straight out the back and she couldn't get up. I don't know how long she'd been there, but she wasn't there when we left home. She was obviously in pain.

I immediately contacted our local game warden, who arrived within twenty minutes. He got closer to inspect the bird, and we agreed that rehabbing a crane with two badly broken legs would likely be impossible. He decided to end her suffering. I asked him if I could see her after she died. He said I could.

As he walked across the field again, the cranes (about two dozen gathered in the opposite field) started calling. It was almost like they were saying goodbye. (I know this is attributing human actions to animals, but the timing was so coincidental.) The crane passed quickly, and the warden motioned for me to approach her. 
I wanted to touch her, and silently honor her as I had read Native Americans might. I admired and stroked her beautiful plumage, regretting her passing. I then thanked the warden, who picked her up and took her with him. I was sad at her passing, but grateful that she was no longer in pain. I went back home with tears in my eyes.

Handsome and I left home again about two hours later to attend an afternoon concert. It was the last of the winter series, and it was filled with fabulous music. He's really looking forward to playing with them again this summer.

We finished our Sunday date with dinner at a restaurant on the south shore of Lake Winnebago. Even though the weather had turned colder and grayer, it was still a nice dinner with a great view of the lake. 
Brynwood Strawberry Rose Sachets
This week, I've got a number of new commissions to work on. I'll be sewing a few projects, and making some new silk ribbon embroidered strawberries. It's going to be a fun week!


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Createology said...

Donna I am grateful you took your time to care about the beautiful Sandhill Crane and the game warden was gracious. How lovely you and Handsome were able to have your date day. Such a cute little vintage wood stove and your geraniums idea is wonderful. Tag is such an affection lover no wonder he snuggled up to Laura and you were able to have a nice visit with her. Awesome April Dear...Your Strawberries are gorgeous! <3

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Donna - sorry to read about the sandhill crane. It is so hard to see something hurt and suffering.
Your rose sachets are just lovely.
Sounds like your Sunday date with hubby ended on a wonderful note. Have a great week.


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