April 2, 2018

Sweet Treats - We Have A Winner...

Homemade Caramels - LOTS of Them!

Handsome and I taste-tested these delicious caramels (made by our younger daughter-in-law) recently, and she shared the recipe with me. So, I decided to make a batch on Saturday.

Ingredients For Homemade Caramels

I pulled out the ingredients (I had enough for four - eventual - batches), grabbed the recipe and got to mixing. I read the recipe out loud to Handsome before I started - reading 238º as the top temperature for the mix, and somewhere in the process, told myself 258º.

He called it "cognitive dissonance". I really saw 258º when I looked back at the recipe. So my first batch was a hot, hard mess. It made a delightful "thud" when it had cooled off enough so I could throw it in the garbage.

Cooling Caramel

I sat down, had a cup of tea and regrouped. Then, I started my second batch, repeating 238º to myself the whole time. I wasn't making that mistake again! The batch was beautiful when I poured it onto the cookie sheet.

Cutting and Wrapping Caramels

I started cutting the caramels with a kitchen scissors, but (thankfully) decided to try a pizza cutter. It cut like a dream and made quick work of the task of making bite-sized pieces. I wrapped them in parchment paper I'd cut into squares.

My British Tins For Storage

I grabbed two of my favorite British tins, which were quickly filled with tasty caramels. I've already shared some of them (the recipe makes quite a large batch), and will have more for sweet snacks here at the farmhouse, too.

Caramel Recipe From Meaningful Eats

This is the recipe our daughter-in-law shared with me. I looked it up and found it on Meaningful Eats blog (HERE).

What I learned from making (both) batches: 1) Start cutting caramels when they're still warmer than you think they should be. Makes it easier toward the end. 2) Use a pizza cutter. I started with a kitchen scissors, but the pizza cutter was SO much easier! 3) Don't be a perfectionist when you cut them. It will make you nuts. 4) Have your beautiful granddaughters (or your kiddos) around to help wrap them. 5) I need a digital candy thermometer for accuracy. 
I do know that I'll be making more of these in the future...after I get that digital thermometer. yummm
Time to name the winners of my Ninth Blog Anniversary Giveaway!
I drew three numbers (via Random Number Generator) initially 
and the winner EVERY time was
(24, 2 and 15)
You were meant to win, kiddo!
I decided to give away two more gifts, so I drew another number
My second winner is 

The last number (and winner) is
Thanks again to everyone who entered.
 Let me know which pincushion design you'd like. I'll make them this week.



  1. Congratulations to your very lucky winners! Your pincushions are divine! YUM to the caramels. Brilliant use of the pizza cutter. I need to make these. I made other caramels earlier this year and I definitely agree a candy thermometer is essential. Happy Eating...<3

  2. Wow! Thank you so much Donna. I bet you can guess I'd love the corgi. Do you have my address, and is it you that loves Dolly mixtures? I seem to remember you saying that your Mum used to bring them back from England for you? I'm so thrilled to have won. Thank you again. Love to Tag and Bella. Blessings

  3. If I started eating those caramels, I would never stop! Yummy!


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