April 12, 2018

Custom Cork Set...

Custom Cork Set

I finished a custom order in cork yesterday. The set includes a regular glasses case with a snap closure (left back); an extra large credit card holder (much like the tea bag carriers I've been making); and a cell phone/eyeglass holder meant to be worn around the neck.

Custom Cell Phone/Eyeglass Holder

I drafted my own pattern, based on my client's requests, and this is the result. It measures approximately 7.5" tall by 4" wide by 1.5" deep, and features a removable strap that measures 34-35" long. The holder is meant to fall just below bust level, and without the strap, it will easily fit in a handbag or tote.

Interior of Custom Cell Phone/Eyeglass Holder

The interior has a soft green canvas fabric and a single divider. The cell phone goes in the front section and eyeglasses will rest comfortably and safely in the back section.

Back Side of Custom Cell Phone/Eyeglass Holder

The front of the case is natural cork fabric, with a beautiful vintage hibiscus cork print on the back and flap. 

This set will mail to its new home in California today. I can't wait to get some feedback from my client. I hope it's exactly what she wanted, and that it will serve her for a long, long time.

Today, I'll be working toward a finish on the Strawberry Rose Sachets currently on order. Happy me!
Happy Dee!

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laura dowdall said...

Love those,perfect for days when you only need your specs and mobile.They are the two things I can’t be without.Love the cork.xx

Lesley UK said...

. Hi Donna. Thank you so much for the fantastic corgi pin keeper. I absolutely love it. It was a very generous giveaway, so once again, many thanks. Love to Tag and Bella. Blessings

Createology said...

Donna Dear you have created the perfect cork set. The design of the cell/glasses case for hands free needs is excellent. I am anxious to use these and let you know just how perfect they are. My husband will thank you! Beautifully created cork gifts...Thank You very much. XO

kathy said...

Totally got your customers vision ( haha pun!). Especially for older people, having a place to throw those glasses and cell phone for the constant taking in & out. Awesome job.


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