April 16, 2018

Queen Anne's Lace In The Snow...

My Latest Embroidery

The snow started Saturday, causing us to cancel a trip to Milwaukee to see a much-anticipated symphony concert. We were quite disappointed, but felt it was better to be safe than sorry after seeing the latest weather forecast. In the end, we made the right decision.

Sleet, ice and snow caused dangerous road conditions, and they continued through Sunday night. Handsome cleared some of the mess on our driveway with our utility tractor and a bucket attachment, but there was obviously too much snow (with more falling) for our tractor to get ahead of it. I tried shoveling near the doors, and the ice, mixed with snow, was a booger to clear. We weren't regretting our move north, but didn't see any reason to fight with Mother Nature, so we headed inside to wait out the storm.

I decided to start another strawberry. This one is going to be a Birthday gift for someone special. I decided Queen Anne's Lace, forget-me-nots and ribbon flourishes were in order, so I'll work to finish this one today.

When I showed it to Handsome, he remarked that he was impressed that I was doing such fine work in white-on-(nearly)white. I smiled knowing that, after all these years together, I still do things that impress him. (He manages to do the same for me, by the way.)
Andy, Clearing Our Driveway
Andy made the rounds yesterday. He went into town to clear his daughter's yard, and then headed up the west shore of the lake to clear his mom's yard, too. When he got home, he hooked up his snow blower attachment and brought down his trusty tractor.
He told us that the ice underneath made plowing with his truck impossible, so this was the way to go. He used to drive this tractor on his dad's farm when he was a kid. It still serves him (and us!) well, making quick work of the mess that was our driveway. He finished his day outdoors, but clearing his drive as he headed back up the hill to his and Shelly's home. 

When I posted pictures and a "thank you" on Facebook, our humble friend replied, "It's what neighbors do." If anyone wonders why we love the Midwest, our farmhouse, and even being back in the snow belt...this is one of the reasons. We love the way people live, work and play here. It makes the snow (which was more than anything we had all winter!) worth it. Oh, and if anyone thinks that farmer boys aren't tough, let me introduce you to Andy some time.


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Createology said...

Your Queen Anne’s Lace is gorgeous and sew very special done in your stitches. Isn’t it wonderful when our husbands like what we create?! Thank goodness for Andy to help with the snow and ice...A Very Good Neighbor indeed. So glad you and Handsome stayed home and safe and warm. Lovely Week Ahead Dear...<3


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