April 11, 2018

Another Find For The Farmhouse...

Our Kitchen

Handsome and I have decided to wait until next fall or winter to renovate our kitchen. The space is  completely workable as it is, and served generations of families before us with much less. We've decided to take our time choosing cabinets, (much needed) flooring, and any needed appliances.

The New Centerpiece

I did say much needed flooring. Well, choosing just the right new floor will take a bit of looking and research. Many of our floors in this hundred year old beauty are crowned, making a hard plank or tile floor out of the question. We need something more flexible (to accommodate the unevenness of the floor), and heavy duty (because of kitchen traffic and the dogs).

However, the current floor leaves a lot to be desired. It's a stick-on tile that was additionally glued down onto plywood, screwed over the hardwood and previous linoleum (which may be asbestos. Ya think?). I've been on my hands and knees (oh, yay) with a scrub brush, and I still can't get the floor clean to our standards. It's chipping up in places, so it's been grating on me.

In order to replace this floor, we'll first have to completely remove the tile and plywood beneath it. Then we'll have to assess the linoleum to see if we can get down to the original, hundred-year-old maple floor. If we get there, we'll have the same man who brought back the other floors in the house tell us whether or not our original hardwood floor can be restored. If so, we'll do that. If it's beyond saving, we'll choose a new floor covering that will go with the renovation we're planning.

What Floor?
I've been trolling the Marketplace, looking for something that could cover the floor until we redo it. Night before last, I found this beauty. It's an eight foot, circular rug. It's not an expensive, Persian rug like our red one that you would have seen in photos of our living room in Florida (which I hope will fit into the attic bunkhouse when that's done), but I wouldn't want one of that quality in a kitchen anyway.

I showed this one to Handsome, we contacted the seller and picked it up (a mere 12 miles away!) yesterday morning. Within a half hour, we'd cleared the table and chairs out, vacuumed and mopped the floor, let it dry, and installed the rug. 

Voila! What floor? I don't see that floor anymore. We walk into this room and see a comfortable kitchen space with a beautiful rug. Until it's time to pull up and replace that tile, this will do perfectly. Score another one for the Marketplace (and me!).


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C Reeder PhxAz said...

Oh yes! It’s lovely. We got down to the base in our 1957 ranch home and it’s asbestos- minimum of $30,000 for removal of 1425 sq ft. Ridiculously expensive but in Arizona no licensed contractor can put flooring over an asbestos based floor. So rugs it was. Found mine at yard sales and we are figuring out what to do now. I love how cozy the rig makes your area feel. Wish I could pop over for tea.

Createology said...

You are the Queen of Purchases on FB Marketplace. I love this rug and how beautiful it looks under your table and chairs. Taking time to contemplate your kitchen remodel is very wise. And you have done amazing things out of the kitchen you currently have. Awesome April Dear...<3

Robin said...

Wow. What a great find. Looks great.


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