April 6, 2018

Needle Dancing (Again)...

Fairy Steed Corgi and One Wooly Strawberry Pincushions
My giveaway winners chose their gifts, and I finished making all three yesterday. The Fairy Steed Corgi Pincushion is heading to Lesley in the United Kingdom; a One Wooly Strawberry Pincushion is heading to Linny in Australia; and Danice chose a Wooly Strawberry Pincushion, too, which will ship to her in Alabama.

Thanks to Lesley and Linny for offering to receive theirs unfilled to save on shipping costs. I sincerely appreciate that gift from each of you. Danice chose lavender buds for her filling, and my studio was filled with its heavenly scent all afternoon.

All your gifts will post today, and I'll send each of you whatever tracking information I receive from the post office.

I've got a few cork projects next up (Thanks for your patience, Sherry!), and then I'm going to work on my Wooly Critters this weekend. I really need to add a small, comfy chair to the studio for days spent stitching. 
Happy Friday!


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Createology said...

Lovely wool pincushions you have Needle Danced. Donna Dear I am happy to wait for your fabulous cork creations that I am obsessed with. My studio was filled with the scent of Lavender buds yesterday also...only because I was filling a bottle with them for safe keeping...nothing creative here. Today we have glorious fresh rain! Fabulous Friday Dear...xo


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