January 14, 2015

Stars and Hearts...

This is another quilt that intrigued me when I attended the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach last weekend. I wanted you to see the intricacy of this piece created by Debra Cathy Linsley of Okeechobee, Florida.

It's called "Stars and Hearts" and it measures a large 71" x 73".
Debra's note simply says, "Hand Appliqued', Handpieced and Hand Quilted. Original Design". Indeed.
You might need to look closely to see what captivated me about this quilt. Her colors were interesting, as was the layout, but to see and fully appreciate the most interesting thing about her design you need to get close...
Each, individual piece of this quilt is a small yo-yo. I mean small!!! I didn't measure, but I believe that each yo-yo was 1" in diameter. ONE INCH!

I know it was an irreverent comment, but when I looked at it I said, "This lady must watch a lot of television!" You see, I imagined her sitting in a comfortable chair, perhaps with a large basket next to her. Her fabrics, threads and needle in hand as she formed each piece of her large puzzle.  

Now that it's completed and has been shown, I wonder if Debra will put this on a bed in her home. I do hope that she places it in a place of prominence. This is an effort that should be displayed - and appreciated - every, single day.

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Buttons said...

Lately, I have been fascinated by yo-yo's. Everywhere I go, I look for pieces using them. This is so unusual, well...to me anyways. Beautiful. I wonder how many there are on there???

Createology said...

Oh My Heavens. After having sewn hundreds of fabric yo-yos in the 70's I can really appreciate the time and work put into this amazing quilt. Sadly my yo-yo's got thrown out...men! So happy you got to see this in person and can share photos with us.


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