January 22, 2015

Lunch With The CEO...

When I first began my blog nearly five years ago, I wrote this post about lunch out with my girlfriend, Amy. I just love this gal, and we always have so much fun together. Yesterday was no exception.

We met up at Blu' Island Bistro on Venice Island. I bet I've driven past this place dozens of times, but never paid any attention to it. Well, I didn't know what I was missing until today. Amy and I both enjoyed our meals and then decided to try their Orange Sorbet dessert.
Of course, we had to take each other's picture to commemorate this "epic" dessert. (Isn't that word epically overused these days?) So, I'm sharing photos of two silly girls before we eat our desserts. (Amy's phone was already out to take my pic when I was taking hers. Great minds, and all...)
Look at this! It's an orange that has been hollowed out and frozen. It's then filled with orange sorbet (made in the restaurant) and topped with the frozen orange cap. There's an orange garnish and whipped cream for the finish. Ahhhhhh, Florida in a glass!
Before I go, I want to tell you what Amy's been doing lately.  She, her daughter, Megan,  and one of her sons, Clay, started a business called "PostStitch". They've come up with a fabulous concept and it's really taken off! Each month, subscription holders receive everything they need (plus a few more goodies) to create their own knitting project. 

Amy gifted me a kit (and I had brought along my wallets to show her, so I let her have her pick from the lot), and I can tell you that the PostStitch concept is a winner!
Of course, I had to open the box immediately! When I looked inside, I saw this card. Now, I know you're tempted to just move that card out of the way and tear into the heart of the package, but hold on sisters. There's a wealth of information on that card that you'll want to read first! 
The front reminds you which month's kit you're receiving. You'll also find the name of the pattern; which yarn (and how much) is included; details about the exclusive ChiaoGoo needles included in the kit; and all the notions and extras selected just for you by Amy and Megan.
But you're not quite finished. (It's okay. Those goodies are all safely tucked in tissue paper, and will be there when you get through with the back of the card!) In this case, the card now explains what you'll be creating with the pattern; details about those ChiaoGoos and more about the yarn you'll be using.

The card also directs you to alternate online projects that you can make with the yarn if you're not already nuts about the one that was included (really?); a place to share your finished project and a place to leave feedback. See? I told you it was worth the time it took you to read it!
Then, it was time to reveal all the yarny goodness inside. Prepare yourself for the involuntary widening of the eyes, quickened heartbeat and perhaps even muffled giggles as you take out each of the components of your package. I know you'll be tempted to lay everything out on your bed and roll around in it, but it's probably better to just start knitting...or go to your favorite social media site and commence to crowing about the wonderful goodies you just got in the mail!

Disclaimer: Although Amy gifted me with this month's kit, she was going to do that anyway and never expected I'd be writing a blog post about it today. I'm doing it because I love her, and believe that great ideas should be shared. Trust me, this is one fabulous idea!

Are you curious about how to get your own PostStitch packages? You can go to their website HERE to learn all about it. If you need me, I'll be winding my Chickadee yarn from Quince & Company so I can make this pretty cowl!

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The Farmer's Attic said...

What a great idea! The subscription that is 😁

I do love the idea of a frozen orange filled with orange sorbet too!!!


carolg said...

Positively brilliant- the dessert and the box!

Createology said...

Two beautiful ladies out enjoying time together and a passion for being creative. That orange dessert really is Florida in a glass. Love the PostStitch box of yarny goodness. I adore that you both shared and swapped your love of hand crafted works of art. Creative Bliss Dear...


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