January 7, 2015

In The Pink...

  I wasn't quite finished enough to show you the inside of my latest creation. I'll
have the last of those parts completed today. I've called his one "In The Pink",
and I'll show you the inside tomorrow. It will be migrating to a new home as
soon as it's done. Yup. It's better-than-nice when they're already claimed.
If you're anywhere near the current Midwest cold snap, please be careful and 
bundle up. I well remember this kind of cold and it's nothing to laugh at. It's
dangerous, so please don't go out unless you really have to. Better safe than sorry.

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Kris said...

Oh, Donna - these little purses are so darling!! You are doing a fabulous job on them too!!

Createology said...

In the Pink and totally Florida Chic! I cannot even fathom such cold temperatures and being able to function. Praying for so many to stay safe and warm...

Patty Sliney said...

Donna, you did a Necessary Clutch in a Hibiscus fabric that had the words, "Florida" on the fabric. Can you tell me the manufacturer and/or collection name of the fabric you used for that clutch? Thanks! Love the Flamingo clutch!


carolg said...

Best one yet. We are darn near frozen solid. Poor Quinn - it's hard to pee when you're trying to keep one foot after another off the ground!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

gosh, that's pretty and I dislike the color pink. very nicely done!


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