January 23, 2015

Ella And Her Fairy...

Images used with Megan's permission
While Amy and I ate lunch on Thursday, she told me about a wonderful blog that her daughter had just started. The inspiration is what captivated me.

Apparently, Megan has been pondering a former telephone alcove in their family's hallway for some time. She wanted to do something with that spot, but hadn't come up with any good idea. One evening, she had a flash of inspiration!
Her daughter, sweet Ella, woke up the next morning to discover a fairy door and a gold fabric bag, filled with surprises.

Ella was immediately enchanted...
and filled with ideas of her own!

She has made cookies for her fairy - and the fairy writes notes to Ella.
Fairy has been working on her own little garden and asked Ella to bring clean stones to her for edging. Ella spent a long time outside doing as she was requested (look at the concentration on her face!), and by bedtime, she was ready to leave her surprises for the fairy to find overnight.

One of my favorite quotes is from today. Miss Ella was heard to say, 
“The fairy left me another note! 
I can’t believe this is happening to me!” 

I don't want to tell any more of the story about Ella and her fairy, but I think you'll be as smitten as I am with this new contribution to Blogland. You can click HERE to read Ella's Fairy Garden blog from the beginning. I've added the link to my blog roll so I don't miss a single post.  

Megan came up with the most perfect solution for a use for that old telephone alcove - and she has created a loving, thoughtful and charming teaching tool for her daughter. Ella is thinking of new, imaginative ways to spend her time. 

As for me? I'm looking ahead to reading more delightful updates about Ella's life with her fairy.

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Jacque. said...

That is so dang cute! I love a child's imagination!! Anything can happen anywhere there...in a child's mind. What a wonderful thing her Mom has given her.

Createology said...

I am back...I got so enchanted when I clicked "here" and went to Ella's Fairy "tale". This is such a wonderful way to engage and teach children. This would work for any gender and most ages. Teachers should do this in class and parents should do this at home. Thank you Donna Dear for sharing this sweet slice of daily life.


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