August 29, 2012

Yes, Honey...

 It's not often that I get a special request from Handsome, but when he asks
 me to create something just for him, my answer is always, "Yes, Honey!"

To tell the truth, I'm always honored to do things for him, whether it's to
hold the new snare wires just where he needs them until he can tighten them
onto his newest drum; cut his hair; or help him with something in the yard. I'm an
old-fashioned wife that way. This time, his request was for a new iPad case.

 I have a stash of music-themed fabrics (don't look so surprised!), so I hauled
them out and let him choose his favorite. I just purchased this one at 
Sandy's Quilt Shop and I love it! I glad Handsome did, too! Next, I showed him 
his choices for the lining/contrast fabric. He also asked for a velcro closure instead
of the flap I usually add. Once that was all decided, it was time for me to wake up 
Prissy (my Babylock quilt machine) from her afternoon nap and get to work.

By late day yesterday, I handed the finished iPad case over to Handsome.
He thanked me and told me it was exactly what he envisioned.
Mission Accomplished!
I can't tell you how much I like seeing that smile on his face.
I got an email from my friend, Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage.
She's moved her blog over to WordPress, in case you hadn't heard.
I want to share her new URL so that you can visit her new home.
She's at now.
She'll be glad you stopped in to visit.
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I'll be drawing all the winning names on August 31st at midnight.
There's still time to enter!

6 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

April said...

Great Ipad bag!!!

laurajane said...

Lovely cover,great work as usual Donna.
Really must make one for mine,hate this horrid plastic thing it's in...
Laura x
Mmm could do with one or my kindle too.

Michelle May said...

That's cool! I know he loves it.

Createology said...

I think being an accomodating wife to a wonderful husband is a very good thing. Handsome's iPad cover is perfect. Now I am off to catch up and review all that I have missed by being gone. Sunny Summer Smiles...

DeeDee said...

I bet he said Thanks Honey back didn't he.. its very nice...

Minimiss said...

Perfect fabric choices Handsome. You have very good taste but then we know that already with the wonderful choice of wife you have made.


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