August 21, 2012

August Guild Meeting...

Last night was our monthly meeting of the Disconnected Piecers Quilt Guild. We always have a Show & Tell near the end of our regular meetings.

There were some really wonderful quilts - and many more photographs than I can share here. We decided this member should teach her technique for making these hydrangeas to the rest of us. We all loved this one!

This was a "finally completed" UFO called a Spider quilt. 
You should have heard the "whooping" from our members
when she held it up to show us. Impressive, I think!

This quilt was one of my favorites from this month's meeting. Susan does beautiful piecing, and she's a respected long-arm quilter, too. She's going to do the custom quilting on my completed Scrappy Plates quilt. She took it with her last night, so I'll show you the whole quilt when it's returned and bound.

She's also a prolific quilter. I think she had five or six quilts to share for Show & Tell, and each one was more beautiful than the last.
Shirley was collecting Hospice quilts for American vets. 
She had an impressive pile of them by the time the meeting was over.
Almost everyone who shared their accomplishments for the past month had a
patriot-themed Hospice quilt to show before giving it to Shirley. These will
be shared specifically with the veterans in our local nursing homes. I like that.
That's my quilt in her hands, which I had just donated to the cause.

As an aside here: These Hospice quilts are made from 6" blocks (finished size)
and are six blocks across by six blocks down for a finished size of approximately
36" square. We then assemble them by alternating a colored block with a light 
block (white or cream). We do this so that friends and family who come to visit,
can write little love notes - or just their signatures - on the light blocks.
These can be bound quilts or "sew and turn" so they don't require binding.

If anyone is interested in contributing a quilt, just let me know
and I'll make sure you have my address so that I can take them
to the guild and give you complete credit for your generosity.
PLUS, I'll send a little thank you surprise for sharing your talent with a veteran.
This is a great way to use up your left-overs and the vets really love them.

Jettie made these great Amy Butler totes. The ladies agreed they'd be great to carry at a quilt show - or going to market - or carrying one's knitting. (Reminds me of the quote my mother-in-law used to say..."Keep to your own knitting." Which means "mind your own business" and has nothing whatsoever to do this post.) Sorry, I digress...

Jettie had a few more projects to share, but there are only so many I can share in the interest of space.
 Then Karen came up with her gorgeous creations. She's a relative
novice to quilting, and she has already received a Best In Show
ribbon for the stunning quilt she made and submitted for our last show.

She did this orange floral piece, and then moooo-ved on 
to share a whole line of appliqued', theme cows of many fabrics.
I'll show some of those to you later this week so you can see them, too.
(She's even given them names! Uh, oh....)
 Another fabulous quilt. I really like this design!
She said this one from her UFO pile, too.
(If anyone knows this pattern please tell me. I'd like to make one like it.)

My presentation and dvd were the last part of the evening.
After all was said and done, our group was really enthused to get started.
Our workshop will be on September 8th and I'll take more pictures
then so I can show you the process and how the blocks come together.
My friend, Kathy, said we really should memorialize it with a photo.
"Ok, then. Chop, chop! I can't be standing here all day!"

We voted and chose a name for the quiltwe're going to make, too.
It's going to be called the "2014 American Treasures Album Quilt".
We're all really happy with the name.

The dvd was a big hit and we'll all jump into the creation
of the blocks in a guild workshop on September 8th.

I'll be bending some thought to supplies and process until then.
For now, I'm going to take what I believe is a well-deserved rest.
I'll worry about the details in a couple of days.
I'm going to play today.

***This post is number 1200!***
I'll be having a friends/followers giveaway this week to celebrate!

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Sue said...

Wow, you have some talented ladies in your group

Buttons said...

Oh my...such beautiful and unique peices of art! Can't wait to see the progress on the new quilt the name everyone chose. I wish I knew how to sew like that.
Happy 1200! Hugs from Vermont , Denise

Minimiss said...

They are all beautiful quilts. I can see why you are after that wuilt pattern. It would look great in lots of different fabric styles.

Beedeebabee said...

Such beautiful quilts, Donna, and what a great group of ladies! I wish I knew how to quilt like you gals! xo

Createology said...

So many beautiful quilts made by such talented and generous ladies. What a wonderful group of inspiration and support. Donna you look fabulous and your quilt design board is such a visual comfort for beginning a new group project. Your bicycling is such a good thing you are doing for yourself...


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