August 27, 2012

Tuesdays With Tag - Goin' To The Store...

 Hi Everybody!
It's Tuesday again, so let's get right to it, shall we?

 Because of the storm that was heading our way over the weekend,
Mom wanted to make sure that I had plenty of food...just in case the stores closed.

I was very excited because that meant a trip to PetSupermarket.
I love that place!!!
I took my rightful place as Mom's co-pilot and away we went.

 First thing I noticed were these adorable (and kinda expensive) bunnies.
Most of 'em stayed on the other side of the cage, but that gray one...

 that gray one liked me and came over to say "hi".
(Maybe it was my ears?)

 Then he stopped for a little slurp of water.
The whole time I was checking out the bunnies,
people kept walking by and saying, "He's so cute!"
(and they weren't talking about that dumb bunny, either!)

 Mom let me check out the second cage, too.
See the ferrets? One of 'em took a likin' to me, too.
I'd never seen a ferret before, 
and I asked Mom why they smelled funky.

 She said they're members of the polecat family.
That explains a lot, but I thought they might be fun to play with anyway.

 "Hey! Come back here. I'm not done with you yet!"
This one actually went into the corner and did somethin' really nasty.
We decided not to share that picture with you. Whoo! Smeelllyyy!

 Finally, we headed back to the food section.
"Yup, Mom. I think this is my food."

 I got so shaky when I saw so many bags of  
my food, that my pictures are all blurry!

 OK. I can't talk anymore. It's time to go home 
and make sure this is a good batch!

Just to let you know, the storm bypassed us and we're all safe.
We're prayin' for everyone who is still in danger from the storm.

I'll see all of you next week, right?
'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"
PS. If you missed it, Mom is having a giveaway. You can click here to check it out. She said she's gonna add some more goodies tomorrow, too. Check it out!


  1. Whoa Tag, you look as though you've eaten too much of your favourite food and it's gone to your head in that last photo. Great trip to the pet supermarket though.

  2. Hi Tag,
    What a great trip to the pet store!
    It must have been exciting to meet some of those strange bunnies and ferrets...they seemed to like you so much, but of course who could resist you and those ears!

    Don't eat too much.


  3. Without a doubt, Tag, you make my whole day every single Tuesday!! I love to laugh and you give me a great laugh every week!! Thanks!!! Glad that storm missed you and I am so happy you did not share the Smeelllyyy picture!! :-))

  4. Precious, funny Tag! Wish we had a big pet store like that here. Ginger would love it. Great pics, and great expressions from Tag!

  5. Cute post - tag looks like he had fun!

  6. Tag, what an adventure you had! Love the bunnies not a fan of the Ferrets either! Glad you and Mom are safe and sound. You can never have too much dog food right!

  7. Oh Tag I'm so pleased and releaved that the storm by-passed you! I hope the new batch of corgi food is good. You know, if your not quite sure you can always ask for another taste. Or if you are sure you can ask anyway just cuz -lol-
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  8. Ferrets are fun to play with, Tag!
    But, yes..they do smell funky. Our first Corgi, Virgil, liked to play with our ferret, Fernando. Fernando liked riding on Virgil's back. That fairy saddle worked out just fine.
    Glad you won't have to hide under the covers in the storm.
    Poochy smooches, T.

  9. Thanks for the tour Tag!
    You sure had fun looking at all the other animals - I liked that grey bunny too. And so glad to hear you are all safe from the storm!

  10. Looks like you made lots of friends on that shopping trip sweet boy. Glad the storm went a different route.

  11. Thanks Tag for letting us go to your favorite super store. The bunnies are very cute but the ferrets are best left for others to enjoy. I can definitely see how excited you became when you found your food stash. I kept you and your family in my prayers for safe keeping from the storm. More waggin Tag...Smooches!


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