August 9, 2012

Off To The Long-Arm...

My version of Anne Sutton's Scrappy Plates quilt is now finished.
I added a skinny border in red fabric and then a final 
border in that yummy cream paisley I used in the main blocks.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed making this quilt and I
can see myself making another at some time in the future.

I'll be taking it to the long-arm quilter to do the custom design now,
and when it comes back and I've bound it, I'll show you the entire quilt. 
I'll also add my photos to the Bunny Hill Flickr group when it's done
so that Anne can see my finished interpretation of her design.

If you're interested in making a quilt like this, you can click here
to go to the free pattern/tutorial on the Bunny Hill website.
Just scroll down to the "Scrappy Plate Club" patterns and you can
download each phase of the tutorial for your own pattern collection.

Another "finish" under my belt this week. (woo hoo!) On to the next one...

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Natalie Santini said...

This is SO pretty Donna! I've been thinking of you lately...just haven't had the time to send a note. I want to make my own vanilla, like the kind you sent me and am having the most difficult time locating those vanilla pod/beans here in England.....;P Guess it's time to google. Good hearing from you friend, take care. xx

Carol said...

Beautiful, Beautiful finish!

Kathy Ellen said...

Lovely 'Scrappy Plates' quilt. The colours are gorgeous.....among my favorite colours too. I have made some quilts using quilt design in the past, but called them 'Dresden Plates'. Lovely, lovely quilting!

Sue said...

Oh it looks so beautiful!!

BTW! Have I missed some of the FW posts? I've been hit and miss in blogland so much, that I don't know if I'm coming or going. I just have them listed up to May? Did I miss June and July? Not that I'm caught up or anything!!! hahaha

Minimiss said...

Can't wait to see it back from the quilters'.


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