August 22, 2012

Acorn Quilt and Gift Company...

Closeup of "By My Hand"
Now that my Scrappy Plates quilt is in Susan's capable hands for her freestyle free-arm work, I've been thinking about what my next applique project might be. I want to choose something that will be a long-term project that I can finish in time for the February 2014 quilt show that our guild sponsors every two years.
By My Hand by Brenda Riddle
I've decided that this design is going to be one of my efforts. I have been a fan of Brenda Riddle and her design company, Acorn Quilt and Gift Company for a long time. With my heart firmly entrenched in needlework, particularly counted thread, it skipped a beat when I saw "By My Hand".

At the time, I never dreamed of making a large quilt with so much applique', but my confidence level has definitely improved. I intend to start working on this quilt after the start of the new year.
My latest additions...
I have followed Bren's blog for some time and as usual, I link over to her website to window shop. I saw a few patterns that I loved and ordered them. They arrived yesterday.
"From Little Acorns"
If anyone is surprised that I ordered this pattern, you haven't been reading my blog for very long. See the acorns and leaves in the center? 
"Mills Cabin"
Somehow, this pattern had escaped me in previous shopping forays, but I noticed it this time. Mom's (Grace) last name is Mills. I'm going to choose the most beautiful shades in her favorite colors when I make this one. It will be a tribute to her kindness and gentle heart...and her unconditional love for me.

"Seasons" captured my heart. This finished quilt measures 60" x 60", and the four finished seasonal blocks measure 16" square. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Hmmm. Which do you think is my favorite? I'll give you a hint: Which one do you think features acorns on the tree? This might be a second quilt I'll submit for our quilt show.

So, these were all the patterns I ordered. What a delightful surprise to find a fourth pattern in my package!
"Small Joys"
Bren added a gift for me. "Small Joys" is brimming with beautiful designs...and sweet and soft colors. I also love the names she chose. Places from England, where I was born. 

Designs from "Small Joys"
Places like "Nottingham" (top left), "Dover Gardens" (top right), and "Picadilly" (the blue on in the middle row). They're all garden-themed, so giving them British names is so appropriate. There are also sweet baby quilts and "squishy blocks" for babies playtime.

Bren's thank you card.
I smiled when I saw Bren's attached card. In addition to being extremely talented, she's also very generous. I hope you (click here) to visit her blog, and (click here) to window shop. I'm sure you'll see things you just can't resist. By the way, when you get to her blog, you'll see her latest quilt project. I'm really looking forward to seeing it finished!
One more thing. I'm still not sure about what I think about pinning on Pinterest. You may have noticed that up until now, I've imbedded code on my blog that doesn't allow pinning. I worry about the perils of copyright infringement, and Lord knows I don't want to be part of any test cases or lawsuits on the Internet.

If you have a blog, what do you think about pinning? I love going to Pinterest and frequently save recipes, decorating or gardening ideas. (I'm no gardener, but it never hurts to dream.) When I pin, I try to add a link to the original location. It's my attempt to protect the rights of the original contributor, but there are times I'm unable to do that.

What else have you read on this subject? I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this, as I'm considering removing the code that prohibits pinning my images. Any input would be appreciated.

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Chris said...

I love your choice, but then I love samplers!

moosecraft said...

Wow! By My Hand looks like a projects that will take years... but be so worth the effort! The colors in Little Acorn and Mils Cabin are so soothing and autumn... ahhhh!

I don't pin because of they require a facebook accnt to join and I don't facebook. But, i thought the great convenience of pinterest was that it saved the original link so that you could go back to the site the pinned pic came from? Again... not 100% sure about that...

Sue said...

That turned out so lovely! I just love Brenda's patterns. They are all so sweet:) Have you joined the
Betsy's Closet - In Stitches' SAL? We are stitching Brenda's pattern together.

Createology said...

Donna your selections are each gorgeous. Your sampler is definitely ambitious however I know very well that you will make this quilt and it will be stunning. As for pinning...I don't. I visit Pinterest but I do not need another thing for idle busyness. I am not a fan of Twitter or FaceBook even though I did try them. Uncharted territory for rights and privacy and protection...

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Being a huge sampler fan, I love your quilt choice! Very pretty indeed. I do use pinterest and love it. I always try to click on the link of the pic/article I'm pinning to ensure it links correctly. That in itself should take you directly to the original site. If it doesn't do that, I don't pin it. I've used it a lot, especially for recipes - just the other day I was in the grocery store pondering what to cook for dinner. Pulled out my phone, went to pinterest, pulled up a recipe and bought everything I needed. Perfect!

Kris said...

Great post, Donna!! I love all your new patterns and will be visiting Brenda's blog and shop - oh, yeah, like I need anything new!!! But I'll be there. With regard to pinning - I don't even do Facebook or Twittering - I doubt pinning will be in my future!! Just saying!! Old?? Me?? Ha!!

Jillayne said...

Oh, I love these patterns too! I've never heard of them but am off to check them out - they look so delightful!
The one you have chosen for your project looks especially delightful - I have a similar affinity for hand work and it looks like a perfect blending of quilting and needlework.
I'm off to check it all out - thanks Donna!


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