July 2, 2009

Playing In The Studio Again...

It rained on and off all day. Perfect for watering in the newly laid sod now replacing the mess caused by the hog. Equally perfect for spending a day playing...I mean, working...no, I was right the first time...playing in the studio!

There is a reason why the first three letters in "fabric" are f-a-b. I got to play around with my fabulous fabrics. Eye candy to a seamstress. Just like Scrooge McDuck in his counting room. Second only to playing in my copious button collection, but that's a subject for another post.

Of course I had two reasons for sorting through fabrics. One was that I've been designing, creating and photographing new pincushion patterns for my Brynwood Needleworks shop on Etsy . The other was that I'm a "swap angel".

What's a "swap angel", you ask? Well, someone who participated in the last swap in which I was involved didn't receive her reciprocal swap package. (In her partner's defense, the package was coming from overseas. Need I say more?) At any rate, I am a volunteer angel when such things happen, so I was asked to be her angel this time and put a package of goodies together. As this was for a pincushion swap (woo hoo!), I decided to do something of my own design and then it would appear again in my Etsy shop! Clever, right?

When I was finished, I had created the pincushion, added some goodies and assembled her angel swap package! I put the postage on the box and it will go out in the morning mail. The bonus was that I ended my day with all the photographs I need to put the pattern together for the kit I'll be selling online!

You can check my Etsy shop by clicking on the hyperlink on Brynwood Needleworks above, or just scroll down the left sidebar until you see, "Shop With Me Online - Visit my Etsy Store". Oh, yes - and I managed to finished all the laundry, too. (Cue the iPod to "I am Woman".)
Reminder: There is still time to sign up for the ATC swap. I'm still working on cards and would love to make a special one just for you! Just join my list of blog Followers, and then click on the "click here to email me" postcard on the left sidebar to let me know you'd like to participate!

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