July 17, 2009

Marion's Artist Trading Cards...

Imagine me giggling like a silly schoolgirl when I opened the package that arrived in the mail yesterday! My online friend, Marion and I have been involved in a few swaps over the past few months. When I announced the ATC Swap, Marion signed up and yesterday her card(s) arrived!

The first thing I noticed was the lovely fabric that was wrapped around the rest of the package contents. Upon reading Marion's enclosed note card (with the cool cowgirl on it), I learned that Marion had hand loomed the towel herself - and after reading my tea towel post decided to send this one to me . Woven in beautiful blues, it fits in perfectly with my color scheme.

Then, I got to the ATCs! Oh, goodness...the first card is a watercolor lily painted by Marion, with pretty green beads hanging on the side. On the reverse is a Bible verse: "Through love serve one another" Galatians 5:13. I really like that.

Marion had told me in her card that there was a second ATC in my package, and when I saw it I laughed out loud (so did Handsome, who was watching over my shoulder). Marion had drawn an image of a wild hog with a bullseye on it!

If you've followed my blog at all, you'll understand this card. If you haven't heard about the Great Hog Invasion of 2009...just use my Google blog search feature in the sidebar and type in the word "hog". It will bring up each post I wrote related to our saga!

Marion, I want you to know that your package really brightened our day. I'm constantly reminded of the talented women whom I am fortunate to call my friends. I'll be putting your package together and sending it off soon. (I have something special to add to your ATC card, too!)
You can see larger images of all the Artist Trading Cards I've received as they arrive. Feel free to leave comments on each photo so those talented women get more feedback on their creations!

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downsize said...

So glad you enjoyed the "naughty and nice" collection, it was such fun to do. Must fess up though, I didn't actually draw the pig, just found the image and drew on the bullseye. Marion

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I love it either way! Thanks again for everything. I think you can tell I loved it all.

Indigo Blue said...

Post like this is fun and exciting to recieve. Much more lovely than bills to pay. Are you thinking of organising another as school breaks up for the summer and I would have time to do this. Or, I have been passed on an ATC info from Australia and I only need 6 people to ake part. I am going to blog about it so I wondered if you might be interested.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Indigo Blue! Thanks for stopping by today. I've set up a link in my left sidebar ""Artist Trading Cards Available To Trade" and am in the process of creating more for exchange.
I'd love to take part in the Australian ATC trade...just email the information to me from my "contact me" link with the details.
Anyone else who would like to trade with me can just email me through that same contact link, tell me about your interests and favorite colors and then your name and address (Don't do that through my Comments section here for your own privacy protection, please) and I'll send out your personalized card as soon as I receive yours!
I'll check out your blog, Indigo for more information on your site.
Thanks for the inquiry and for stopping by to visit!


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