July 30, 2009

Organization In The Studio...

I'm going to try really hard not to get carried away with this mosaic feature, but I couldn't resist. Doesn't it enhance the clean look of a post? Well, speaking of clean (I know, nice segue right?), I just wanted to show you some of the ways that I try to control clutter in my studio.

First, I want what I use to be beautiful and different. I have way too much plastic behind those cupboard doors, so I'm more conscientious about what's out in the open. Things I love to look at, along with things that are functional. My oak thread cabinet is one of those things that is both.

You can see from the mosaic that there are four drawers in the cabinet. The top drawer is full of needles in packages, and miscellany that looks like a kitchen junk drawer. You know, the one where you can find everything, but you don't want to show your friends how messy it looks?
The other drawers hold my silk threads, perle cotons and DMC© and Anchor© cotton flosses. We're not going to chat about my Type A personality, but to answer any questions...Yes, my flosses are in numeric order. 'Nuf said about that.

Then yesterday, I remembered that I have this beautiful jewelry chest sitting practically empty in the back of my closet and it occurred to me that it would be perfect for my little glass bead bottles filled with my special beads and newest charms and cabachons. So, of course I got right after it and removed one of those ugly (but highly functional) plastic organizers from my work area.

Don't you love the vintage, stripey, hydrangea beauty of it? I have it sitting on top of my work table now - at least for the time being - so that I can enjoy looking at it. What was I thinking when I sentenced it to the back of my closet? I must have been confused. I admit, some days are just like that.

Oh, before I run, I want to remind you that there are only SEVEN more days until my 100th Post Giveaway signup and giveaway gifts are announced. Hope you'll check back so you can enter the giveaway, too!

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Liberty said...

Love the thread cabinet and the colorful cottons, silks and flosses are perfect against the oak background. Your little jewelry chest is perfect for your little glass bottles. They fit perfectly. Love stopping by here to see your ideas. Take care.

DeeDee said...

Wow what beautiful organization..that cabinet is awesome...love the little bottles to

Elyse said...

what a warm and welcoming blog you have! very fun. i feel like i just stepped into a neighbor's home.

happy blogging and creating!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Donna,

Will you share where I can find this "mosaic" widget?? I love the look of it..so clean..I've seen it used many times lately.

Your thread drawers are so beautiful. I got into counted cross stitch back in my early twenties and was very Type A when it came to my threads! Now if I could find the perfect wooden case full of MANY drawers just the right depth for spools of thread!

Have a great day..and please if you don't mind...post at my blog about the mosaic feature. :0) I'd love to try it out.

Bye for now,


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