July 8, 2009

A Gift From Grace...

When the mail arrived yesterday, I had quite the surprise! My long-time friend, Grace (who I refer to my "almost mother-in-law" or "Mom") sent a package of goodies to me.

I was engaged to her son in the '70's, and although we thought better of marriage to each other and much happier for it, his mother and I have been friends all these years. I love her and all of his family. His sister, Deb and I are good friends and we keep in touch regularly.

Grace taught me much of my needlework skills when we spent time together all those years ago. We used to sit in her living room and execute beautiful crewel embroideries. She taught me to make granny squares when I couldn't figure out the pattern. I stood behind her while she made one and I took notes. I've been making them ever since and they're still my favorite thing to crochet.

When I opened my needlework shop in Wisconsin, she came and worked for me. When I wanted to make the first baby hat for my eldest granddaughter, she taught me how to knit in the round. When I'm back in Wisconsin we always make time to spend an evening or two together. (Deb even joins us and we knit or crochet or cross stitch together like the old days. Sometimes we just sit and chat.) I love this kind and gentle woman and miss our regular visits.

So, the mail carrier brought a box addressed to me! Inside, among other lovely and yummy things (she always sends my favorite Tootsie Rolls!), was a folded quilt! It is in a Four Seasons theme with my favorite motif - acorns - on the back. Mom obviously spent many hours on this quilt and it shows.

Her husband, died recently. I was there when he broke his hip about five years ago, and when the ambulance took him to the emergency room, I followed with Mom and Deb in my car. When the family all went in to see him, I said I'd wait in the reception area. Soon after, a nurse came back in and asked if I was waiting for word on Dad. I said, "Yes", and she said, "Well, he wants all of his family in with him. Please follow me." It was hard for me being so far away. I would have liked to have said my goodbyes to him. I would have like to have been there for Mom, too.

This is the third "warm hug" that Mom has made for me. I now have three of her hand worked quilts and love each and every one of them. The first was a memory quilt, filled with things that either remind me of her, or her of me. The second was an acorn fabric lap quilt, and now my Four Seasons quilt.

I'm so blessed that she thinks of me as an adopted daughter. I'm so blessed when she says, "I love you" at the end of every phone call. I'm so blessed to have met this woman when I was yet a young woman, and to have had her in my life for over 38 years. All of these feelings for her surround me when I wrap up in one of her quilts. I love my new quilt - and I love its maker.

Thank you, Mom.

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Anonymous said...

Mumsy said...

what a beautiful tribute to a woman you have known and loved for so long, and that she in return feels and shows her love.I know Grace, she was so aptly named because she is all that her name ascribes to, truly beautiful inside and out, I happily share my eldest daughter with her because I know of that mutual love, and relish in the fact that someone can love you 'almost' as much as I do Love Mumsy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely part of your history, Grace sounds like a realy nice lady. i love how you describe the quilt as a 'warm hug' how very appropriate.

love and hugs,
DG&B (Linda)


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