July 23, 2009

Welcome To Brynwood Needleworks and My Studio...

Well, I sure hope you're having a great day visiting all the creative women who are participating in the "Where Bloggers Create" studio hop!

Welcome to Brynwood Needleworks (in case you haven't visited before)! Whether or not you're a regular around these parts, I'm so glad you've stopped in today.

You won't see a staff of employees, fairy godmothers with magic wands, or even little elves in a magic tree. It's just me here, and I enjoy every minute I spend in my studio.

In the past year, I've made a "Princess Bride" wedding gown for my god daughter/niece; an heirloom Christening gown for a new great-nephew; numerous knitted and sewn blankets for Project Linus; handknit socks, sweaters and beaded scarves; and myriad sewing projects for friends, family and for sale in my Etsy shop or locally.

I've also started an ongoing Artist Trading Card Swap on my blog and have had such fun sharing cards with people from Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New Zealand. I'm always creating new cards to add to the assortment available to trade, so if you're interested, check out the link on my left sidebar for more information.

It's certainly been a busy spring and summer with the launch of my blog, but I'm thoroughly enjoying sharing my creative and joyful life with you.

I have been designing for about twenty years, and draw much of my inspiration from my love of nature and family. I'm a country girl at heart and would much rather spend a day with nature than a day in town. I believe I'm a reliable and true friend, a good wife, and a loving and honest person. I strive to bring those qualities to the foreground in my art, no matter the medium.

Feel free to browse through my blog. Stop to look at my project images, family photos and links to other wonderful places in cyberspace. Of course, you're welcome to stop back any time to visit! My blog is always open for visitors. The more, the merrier!

I'm sure you're dying to see photos! More than one friend has described entering my studio as "falling down the rabbit hole". so just click on Alice and she will take you to my Flickr album chock-full of studio images. Be sure to read the captions, as they'll help explain what you're seeing. In the spirit of Alice in Wonderland open your mind to the possibilities, and have fun.

Again, thanks so much for stopping by. I'd love it if you'd leave a comment so I'll know you were here!
If you see something that you have a question about, just post a comment and I'll answer it here. Also, I'll share more closeup photos of supplies or projects in my studio during the week next week, so feel free to come back to see more!

56 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Liberty said...

Hi my friend! Your 'space' is stocked and so functional as well as inspirational and I have seen the fruit of your labor. Thanks for welcomeing us into your home.

jessica said...

Hi. Better late than never! It's been a long day, filled with thoughts and creativity and love. I am trying to get the girls ready for a gardening Friday over at the Nature Center tomorrow...so it was extra nice to sit down here with my cup of tea (per your suggestion) and a bite to eat and unwind by walking through your beautiful studio. I learned something new today... A place fpr threads? Absurd! They fly on the breezes until my projects are over. But I guess that is why your studio looks so lovely and ready for a new adventure and mine (the available corners of my bedroom) look like they've been rode hard and hung up wet.

I absolutely enjoyed this tour and it made me feel like I was right there in Florida, I can smell the lawn, smell the nice scent on all of your fabrics and feel a hug from you just by taking this virtual tour. Thanks for the flicker photo tour and for putting that out there. It is a great place to have all to yourself you lucky devil!

Talk soon!
DIL Jessica

Terri said...

now that was clever..like falling down a rabbit hole...link and bam ther is your studio. And a Very nice studio it is! I don't think I would ever leave.

Annabelle Bulat said...

Your studio is so light & airy! I love your "Stitches" sign.

Claudia said...

I love your space - the window is wonderful and must give lots of natural light to your workspace! It looks light and airy and must be a fantastic space in which to create. Thanks for sharing it with us.

blushing rose said...

Oh, Donna, you have a lovely studio. So light, airy, bright & cheerful ... the little mannequin is wonderful. I didn't realize 'how much' you do create ... you are very talented. And, that stash of fabrics ... any feedsacks in there?

Your tour was so informative & enjoyable. TY for inviting me ... have a lovely weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

zandra said...

First time visiting. Glad you where at the party so I could find you! Thanks, for sharing. Hugz, Z

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi all! So glad you're enjoying your "tour". I'm really grateful for your feedback, too!

Terri: That Stitches sign used to hang out in front of my needlework shop in Wisconsin. When we closed the doors, the sign came with me. I'd love to have a place where I could put up old business signs! But for now, "Stitches" hangs in the studio to remind me of my needlework friends in Wisconsin, and the joy I had owning my own storefront.

Marydon: Alas, no feedsacks! Steer me in the right direction, because I'm sure I'd love to find and buy some!

Thanks again, girls. DIL, I'll see you soon!
Love and gratitude from me to you.

Anonymous said...

hey! great designs in a great space! toodles-

One Shabby Old House said...

Hello Fellow Florida gal,
I found your through this wonderful party.
You are a very talented lady and I look forward to visitn you often.

Brenda said...

What a gorgeous, organized, vintage-brimmed studio you have! It is phenomenal! I too love the feel of fabric. Sewed many quilts over the years.

Kimberly said...

Love, love, love, it!
thanks for sharing with us
How cute that we got to click on Alice
to see your wonderland!


Mumsy said...

How absolutely fabulous, nothing lass than I'd expect from a daughter who has ALWAYS been talented and organized beyond belief.I do find it so ironic that you chose "Alice," I was Alice in a play, in England, as a girl, I had the long hair and the ribbon just as Alice has, with the exception that Mum/Nan used to put it off to the side. Loved the tour and would one day love to see it in person. God willing,oh and bytheway, when you are in WI, maybe you can organize my rooms to look similar to yours, IF you have time with all you will be doing with friends and family..HAHAHAHA Love you, Talk later Mumsy.

Gypsy Flea Market said...


I'm so envious of ALL of you gals who can sew! I got my first sewing machine this past Christmas from my in-laws, so far I have made crepe paper ruffles! Learning to use "real" fabric {like the tons of vintage material I have stored away} is on my to-do list ... I wish you and I lived near by one another, I would be hitting you up for lessons!

Your space is lovely and so well organized ... I especially love the great big window in the room...it's all pretty!

Thanks for sharing,

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Donna!!!
Of course I wouldn't miss your studio tour!!! My gosh...do you think you have enough goodies in there???? (we girls can never have too much huh?) I love all of the natural light through the windows!!! Heck, I love everything, who am I fooling!!!
Your fabric is to die for...
I've fallen down the bunny hole and I get out! or better yet...I don't want to get out! ;)
everything vintage

Miss Sandy said...

I love your incredibly organized, inspiring, want to play in all that fabric space! Your needle work is amazing in detail and design. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Have a sweet weekend!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

From a fellow "country girl", it was nice to have a peek into your creative world; thank you for sharing.
I didn't get my studio photographed for today's event, but I will be hosting a Christmas in July giveaway on my blog tomorrow (Sat), if you'd like to stop by!

Molly Alexander said...

What an awesome workspace - I love how light it is. Your artwork is beautiful, and I will be back to visit again!

:-) Molly

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Great creative space! Isn't this event just too much fun! Come visit me, too!

Martha's Favorites said...

What a beautiful work space. You are so organized. Your needlework is amazing. I use to do needle work, can't see as well as I use to. Thanks for being a part of this fun day. Martha

Caleen said...

Wow.. That was fun.. going down the Rabbit Hole.I love your beautiful, organized space. So lovely. Your Needle work is amazing.. I admire that talent. You have made beautiful things and accomplished much. The space you have created is just perfect.. Thank you for visiting me at my blog and keep creating!

downsize said...

What a fun, inspiring place to "play". I love it.

The French Bear said...

Talented family, talented lady!! Love the room, such an impressive amount of fabric and other goodies, amazing!!! I love how organized and yet inspiring it all is. I dream of having a room like this some day!!!!
Thank you for the delightful visit and sharing your creative space!
Margaret B

caren said...

What a great workspace! I really enjoyed Rebecca too!

Rebecca said...

Love the room...love your passion for your work!

Thank you sooo much for sharing with us all. You are such an inspiration!


Rebecca said...

Thank you for visiting my studio today and for the kind words. Your studio is fabulous. Wonderful light!
It looks so organized and thought out.
Thank you for showing it to us

Shabbyfufu said...

Thank you for visiting today Donna. I will return to look around again here soon! ~ Janet~

IsabellasCloset said...

Donna, Wahat a sweet photo of your space.. I love the small mannequin.
Have a great day! ~Mary~ :-}

Lori said...

Absolutely gorgeous room you have!!! I love to sew, but my first love right now is scrapping. I would be in heaven in that room. Thanks for stopping by my blog and 'visiting' my space as well.

the gypsy said...

What a nice studio - filled with light and so well organized. Love that fabric stash! Thank you for sharing.

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

What? No Fairy Godmothers? I'll be sure to send you one right away!!!
Your space is wonderful, I'm so envious of your beautiful windows! I love the counter thing you have with the bins under it, that's fabulous. I enjoyed your pretty fabric stash too!
Thanks for the tour.

Christine Edwards said...

Donna, thanks for stopping by on the Where Bloggers Create blog party. I don't think I ever acknowledged your first visit, and I'm sorry for that. It's funny that you're in FL and I'm in WI, since I've lived in FL (Lakeland, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa/Clearwater) for 12 out of the last 17 years. :-) I loved all of your Flickr images of your studio. What a beautiful and sunny spot to create and dream up new creations. How I admire your sewing abilities since mine are nil. Thanks for sharing your inspiring space, and I'll be back.

Lynn Stevens said...

What agreat place to create and so clever to use alice to get you there!

Becca said...

Hello! what a lovely space and blog you have :) Thank you for sharing, have a wonderul day!

Penny said...

Good evening,
You have such a wonderful studio. what a great place to play with your creative muse.


Natasha said...

You had me at Princess Bride, Darling! How marvelous! What a beautifully creative space you live in! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance at this lovely event; please do stop by for a visit soon!

Enjoy the party!

Warm Wishes,


fawndear said...

Loved visiting with you and getting to know you and your amazing talent. Your studio was a refreshing treat. Can I say how much I envy your wonderful work table with window drawers. Lovely!
Thanks for sharing.

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Hello Donna, Thank you for stopping by earlier. I love your studio. You stack your fabrics so neat and perfect. How do you do that? My stacks are no where near as neat. I love you little dress form too. I love dress forms and I would love to have one.
Have a wonderful weekend

Denise said...

Your studio is so light and bright. I LOVE the window beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Dancingly, Denise
A Day In My Life at:

The Feathered Nest said...

Donna!!! I am so in love with that Ikea table!!! Your studio is just wonderful....and look at that fabric folded so beautifully....and that window, ohmygoodness, what amazing natural light! Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful space ~ now I need to go to Ikea!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Donna,

Oh my, your studio is so organized and tidy! I'm afraid even when mine is "tidy" it looks like it's bursting at the seams..LOL

I'm actually in the remodeling stage of my future studio since we just recently moved in to our home..all kinds of remodeling taking place...As of Monday the carpenters arrive to start MOVING my kitchen to another wall..LOL I'm reusing the existing cabinets and my appliances though..no big deal really compared to the $50,000 kitchens I see materialize! I'd do a way with it if I could..hahaha We live in the Smoky Mountains now and we have fabulous views and the kitchen is in the wrong spot....so with moving the kitchen I can have 10 more feet of windows installed to bring in more of our view!

So it's busy, busy around here but a mess of clutter too! Please drop by to see my studio in progress..I'd love to have you visit. :0)


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Donna,
You have a great organized studio. I love it! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Beth Quinn said...

wow ! what a wonderful studio !!! thanks so much for stopping by my blog too !

maryboys said...

the thing is...you have a lot of treasures in here, yet it feels so open and light:) a very special place to create. i adore the mccall's pattern drawers! would you please teach me to sew?!? thank you for letting us see this special place...


June said...

What a studio! I could do some serious creating in there. Just love it!

TinyBear said...

You have a lovely studio and so organised.
love all that fabric

Embellished Bayou said...

I'm just now getting around to everyone's spaces, there are so many lovely ones to visit, yours especially. I love the window in your room and the way you have a spot for everything, very organized! Thanks for visiting me and becoming a follower!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thank you so much to everyone who came to visit Brynwood Needleworks today. I can't tell you how much your wishes mean to me. Don't you agree that feedback is always the best inspiration?

I visited each and every blog on Karen's invitation list and was inspired, humbled and tickled to see each and every one. I left messages for all of those creative women, and thank each and every one who left a message for me.

Blessings always,

Connie said...

I like what I saw, sugar. Come and visit........

debi @ life in my studio said...

Oh My Gosh!! Can I come over and play? I LOVE your studio! Amazing storage. Wonderful workspaces...and some pretty, all mixed together. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

what a gorgeous space you have! beautiful light and studio...and so much SPACE! I love it! thanks so much for sharing this with us all! :)

Anonymous said...

Your studio is so beautiful and perfectly organized. You have a wonderful gift thank you for sharing.

Jane said...

I am still trying to get to all the wonderful studios and I'm glad I finally found yours. You have a beautiful space and so organized. Thanks for sharing.

AliGripp said...

I love your fabric addiction..I have one of those addictions with paper! You have a beautiful studio!! Thank you for sharing!!

Shannon said...

What a lovely and inspiring blog! I've joined as a follower and am looking forward to visiting often.

The bird designs are great! I make birds out of buttercream for my cakes!

Thank you!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I too follow my bliss down the rabbit hole. In fact, I think our rabbit holes meet up as I see several of your fabric choices are the same as mine! Fun! Fun! Fun!
What a wonderful studio! I love it and I'm following your blog so I can visit with you again!
bunny hugs,


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