July 26, 2009

Current Projects In The Studio...

I thought you might be more interested in hearing about how I've been occupying my hands lately, rather than an update on my healing lip. So, I decided I'd start this week with photographs and images of what's happening the my studio. Last Friday's blog hop was a roaring success, but it's time to get back to creating in the studio again.

Our two granddaughters have birthdays only a week apart in August, so Grandma's having fun choosing fabrics and patterns from my stash for their new party dresses. I pre-washed all the fabrics on Sunday, so we won't have to worry about the dresses shrinking the first time they're washed. Their mom, Jess, picked out a pattern and asked me to make them. The pattern is from Portabellopixie - called "Claire". I'm tracing out the pattern today (in two different sizes). Starting something new is always so much fun. Don't you agree?

When our elder granddaughter was a year old, I made a birthday crown for her. I imagine her as a little, ol' lady - me, long gone - donning the birthday crown made just for her by her grandmother! I envision her proudly wearing it year after year to commemorate her special day.

Shame on me, I still haven't made her little sister's crown yet, and so I decided that I'd better get busy with that project, too. When I'm not sewing dresses, I'll be making the crown for our little granddaughter! I already have the hat box it will be stored in for safekeeping, but have to get cookin' on the actual crown! (Don't you just love the fabric it's sitting on? That's for an Amy Butler smock project for me!)

I have a couple other little projects that I want to finish this week, too, but I think I must first concentrate on those granddaughter deadlines!I guess I'd better quit typing and get sewing! I have a lot to do. I love deadlines...and grandchildren. They really motivate me.

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DeeDee said...

Will await your creations and I love the crown idea....a little girlsdream to be a princess...

Love your blog...

visit me at: deedeescraftspot.blogspot.com

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Hi Donna,
First, I was so slow in getting around to all the amazing spaces for the blog hop the other day. I liked clicking on Alice and falling into such a wonderful space. You have such a joyful blog! I can't wait to return and explore it all a little further. The crown is so charming. Glad to get to know you! ~Kathy

Indigo Blue said...

I missed the blog hopping and I am not sitrely sure what that involves either! The little birthday crowns are very unusual, I have not heard of those before. I look forward to seeing how the second one turns out.
indigo blue


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