July 18, 2009

Love Letters...

Do you save your love letters? I've saved sweet thoughts and messages from Handsome since before we were married. I even have a special photo or two in there. They're more reminders of why I love this man.

I came across this beautiful fabric envelope while shopping a while ago and wanted to share it with my talented friends. Perhaps some of you seamstresses or needleworkers would like to try your hand at making one of your own.

This one is slightly larger than a business-size envelope (taller and less wide), and features a beaded flap with the word "Love Letters", surrounded by bead embellishments and silk ribbon embroidery. It opens to reveal a pocket inside to collect your special memories. A silk ribbon ties into a bow to keep the contents safe.

I think I'd like to make my own in the future. Don't you think one would make a beautiful gift for a bride-to-be or a newlywed?

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