July 29, 2009

I Simply Remember My Favorite (British) Things...

On Monday, Mum boarded a plane for the long trip across the Atlantic to visit her best friend, Pam (who Mum calls "Pammy"), and attend Pam's daughter's wedding. We have lots of relatives there, so in addition to Pam, I know Mum will see her brother, my Uncle Graeme and Aunt Gloria and perhaps others. She's going to be gone for a whole month!

I'm grateful for the Internet because she's already emailed me twice. Once to let me know she arrived safely, and again to tell me that she missed me and she's having fun. I savored every word, and could read the excitement in her messages. She's only been away three days, and I miss our daily chats like crazy!

So, I decided to pull a collection of my favorite British keepsakes out of their display or storage spots and share them with you. (And thanks to my friend, Linda of White Linen - Lavender Field, I learned how to make a mosaic of all of them for the main image here today. Hugs, Linda!!) You can also go to my Flickr link here to see closeup photographs and descriptions of everything in the mosaic. I even have a few more things that aren't in the mosaic and will add to the collection from time to time to share with you.

Just the activity of taking things down, dusting them off and remembering where they came from made me feel happier and closer to Mum. I know she's having a great time with her best chum, and I hope she finds delight in every second that she's there. I'm really looking forward to more emails from her, and then a long visit after she returns to the states. Of all the things British that I cherish...she's at the top of my list!

Love you, Mumsy! (Hi "Aunty" Pam!!)
You'll also be able to link to "My Favorite British Things" album in "My Other Flickr Photo Albums" in the right sidebar. I'll be adding more items from time to time to share with you!

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Liberty said...

Isn't this fun? I love your beautiful English collection, what a beautiful treasure trove. Your mother is such a pretty lady. Someday I would love to visit England and look up my ancestory, Bristol and Thrawl.
Many Blessings to you, Donna



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