July 20, 2009

My Vintage, Beaded Tea Cosy...

I've had this tea cosy for many years, but thought you might enjoy seeing it today.

I actually don't know very much about it. I found it in an antique mall in Wisconsin on one of my hunting trips for needlework. I was so tickled to find it sitting in a corner of one of the vendor stalls! I don't even remember looking for a price. I had to have it!

It's a two-sided tea cosy, and it's done almost completely in seed beads on a velvet ground. On one side, you'll see a white lion chasing three white deer. They're running through a field of flowers and grass, and an ornate palm tree presides over the chase.

On the opposite side (I really can't choose which side might be "front" or "back"), is a pair of elegant, grazing cranes (or storks). Their wings are colored sequins - which are the only non-bead elements in the entire piece. The birds are separated by a trio of
large, beautiful flowers.

It is finished with more beadwork - to create either a border or frame for the subjects - on both sides. It has a lining, with wool batting between the front and back, which makes for a bit of a weighty piece. It definitely keeps a pot of tea warm for quite a while! It's an incredible piece of needlework, worked by unknown hands in an unknown time.

Perhaps some day someone will answer the questions I have about my lovely tea cosy. Until then, I'll just enjoy being its fortunate custodian.
You can click on either photograph of my cosy to go to an album with more images of the cosy and its beautiful beadwork.

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Mumsy said...

it looks very beautiful and heavy, those deer look a little like antelopes from their antlers,well only the one has antlers.I have never seen one quite as ornate as this, a rare find to be sure, and I've grown up with 'cosies' all my life, wouldn't it be wonderful to learn more about the family who owned it originally, where it came from, and how far it has traveled.

blushing rose said...

What a lovely unique tea cozy. Have not seen one this ornate before, either. TTFN ~Marydon

jessica said...

you know, I am reading the chronicles of Narnia again, and so is Rowan, and we think that the lion and the antelope and also the cranes remind us if book one (The Magician's Nephew) when Aslan the lion is singing and the world of Narnia is first forming right before their eyes.

God Bless the Library.
Long Live the Library.

also, long live tea cozies. The two go hand in hand. A cup of tea and a great book.

Anonymous said...

That tea cosy is so beautiful! I completely understand your "I had to have it!" reaction. I would have done exactly the same.

Okay, I'm coveting, I confess :-)

Liz (Zieknits)


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