July 19, 2009

Everyone Needs A Little Frippery©...

Isn't "frippery" a great word? A few of the synonyms for this word in the Thesaurus are: adornment, bauble, decoration, fanciness, fandangle, frill, knickknack, ornament, or trinket.

Well, I've been playing with some baubles in my studio and now have some frilly little adornments to offer to you! They are fobs for your needlework tools or scissors. You can use your fob to identify your tools at classes, guild meetings, or just to dress them up at home!

I've created each fob using Swarovski and Czech crystals, sterling silver beads and sterling or pewter charms. Of course, because they are handcrafted, no two will be exactly the same. Some have little sewing charms, or sea creatures, or fun charms, like flip flops!

You can visit my Etsy shop: brynwoodneedleworks if you'd like to see my full line of offerings. Everyone needs a little Frippery©.

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Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing that name - I love these little things.


DeeDee said...

I love these..I made these for all my scrapbooking supplies...and I sell them everytime I go to a crop..yours are beautiful I could never sell those...thanks for letting me visit.

visit me at: deedeescraftspot.blogspot.com


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