July 6, 2009

Waiting, Tiny Stitches And A Loose Tooth...

Today was a little stressful. I'll tell you up front that the outcome was good, but it wasn't a day Handsome and I were really looking forward to.

A recent stress test left the doctor with questions, especially in light of Handsome's stent installation two years ago and a family history of heart issues. It was decided that further tests had to be done, and today was the day that we left home early to be at the outpatient clinic by 6:30.

Handsome was back in the recovery area by 8:30 with this nervous wife as we awaited word from the cardiologist. Good news! No further surgeries needed and Handsome would be back to his ol' self by the end of the week. God has been good to us.

Have you ever noticed how working on a project can see us through happy, sad or stressful times? It seems that I have many pieces of my own handwork to remind me of specific times in my life. A crewel embroidered flock of birds that was the last piece of work I did as a single woman; a collection of old buttons made into a heart and framed when we first moved to Florida; or a pair of mismatched, knitted socks that I attempted while sitting at Handsome's bedside following an emergency surgery in Boston last year. Just three projects that marked milestones in my life that I can think of.

I now know it's folly for me to knit when I'm nervous. My gauge is so far off that the project hardly resembles the pattern instructions! So today, I carried needle, thread, and tiny squares of fabric, which I then cut into quarters. I decided the best thing for me would be something more intricate that would require more of my attention...and something I would sew by hand.

The result was a tiny quilt - finished today - that measures about 5" long by 3" wide. When I started, my idea was to put this into a swap gift that I've been working on. But, because it represents the good news that Handsome and I received today, I think I'll keep this one and make another for the swap. I'll show you my completed piece when I've finished putting it together later this week.

So, now you're asking, "What's with the reference to a loose tooth?" You won't believe this!

Kes was glad to see us when we returned from the appointment this morning, but because I always pay attention to my "maturing" little dog. I noticed that she was licking her top lip. You know how dogs lick when they have food stuck between their teeth or in their jowel? That's what I'm talking about. So, I put my things down and knelt in front of her only to discover that she was licking at a loose tooth!

It took every ounce of strength to fight off my genetic predisposition to sit on top of her, tickle her until she giggled and then pull that tooth. You see, that's what Dad used to do when each of his six children proclaimed that they had a loose tooth. I thought about it for a minute but talked myself down. I got a grip long enough to realize that Kes would never giggle if I tickled her - and besides, the tooth wasn't loose enough to pull yet (I checked). In case you can't tell from looking at the photo of her gnarly, old girl mouth, the loose one is the long one hanging from her top jaw on the left side. Remember, now you can see enlarged images by clicking on photos in my posts.

Well, there you have it my friends, our wait is over with good news as the result, and instead of nervously pacing the morning away, I created something beautiful in my anxious hours. My little dog is losing a tooth to top it all off. If you click on the photo of her you'll be able to see that I even managed to capture the little water droplets on her whiskers from her recent trip to her water dish. A blessed day and a silly dog!

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blushing rose said...

What wonderful news ... now you can sit back & relax with a good cup of tea. Glad everything came out well ... TTFN ~ Marydon

mumsy said...

Once again God has answered ALL our prayers, and it is with joy we offer Him thanks....Poor Kessie will have to go through the waiting motions til the tooth is really ready to come out, but as stated, a fabulous day, with everyone rejoicing.Love Mumsy


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