June 30, 2009

Green Lake, Wisconsin...

The year was 1981. This is a photograph of our boys and our two nephews. The four of them were happy to pose for Handsome's camera on our boat. It was a wonderful summer vacation spent together at the family cottage on Green Lake in Wisconsin. Their eyes still sparkle when they remember summers spent at their Grandma Ev and Grandpa Gurn's home on the lake.

Our nephews and their wives and kids now live on the East coast (New Jersey), while our boys still live in Wisconsin with their families.

This week, our elder nephew and his wife (along with their two daughters) have traveled to Wisconsin to share a week at a rental on Green Lake with our two sons, their wives and their children.

Unfortunately, months of planning couldn't find a free week that younger nephew and his wife (and two sons) could join the group. The original plan was to recreate this photo with all the boys - twenty eight years older. Our younger son is the owner of our boat now, so even though the mahogany is in storage, had our nephew been there, they would have been able to closely recreate the image. It would have been fun.

Instead, they are going to pose our grandson, surrounded by little girls, minus two cousins. It's the best they can do this time, but the dream to recapture that image with the original Fab Four will go on until it's accomplished. Perhaps next year.

We can't wait to hear their new stories of days and nights spent on Green Lake. Grandma Ev and Grandpa Gurn are, sadly, long gone, but they would love to know that the memories they helped create for our kids are coming to life again this week.

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Liberty said...

Ahhh, Green Lake. What a beautiful place to vacation. Ron and I and the kids use to fish and swim on this lake. Brings back memories!


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