June 28, 2009

A Perfect Ride On A Perfect Day...

Saturday night, Handsome asked me if I'd like to ride with with him and some members of the Port Charlotte Harley Owners Group for breakfast. Well, of course! Then he told me we'd have to be at the dealership by 8:00 am. Well, aaaaallllright..(You need to know that I'm not an early bird.) But I got up early on Sunday because 1) I really wanted to go with Handsome on a group ride and 2) I like going out for breakfast!

We arrived at the dealership and there I met six new friends. Most of them are married, but I was told their wives don't like getting up early either, so I'd have to wait until another day to meet them.

We left Port Charlotte and drove the back roads to meet up with Highway 41 just before it crosses the Punta Gorda bridge. (That's where Hurricane Charlie made landfall in August of 2004.) We then continued south to Fort Myers and ate at a restaurant called The Farmer's Market. We really had a nice time learning about our new friends and their interests. Some of them are planning an upcoming ride to Sturgis, a well-known annual Harley rider's mecca.

The ride was officially over when we arrived at the restaurant, so we took photos for posterity, said our goodbyes, and then Handsome and I headed home. A three hour ride that covered nearly one hundred miles. We were home by 11:00 am and of course, cooled off by going for a swim.

What I wish for you, my friends, are days spent doing what you love - with a person or people that you love. In this whole wide world, it really can't get much better than that.
Another group shot. l-r: Bob, Jesse, me, Steve, Joe, John and Rand.
Handsome is taking this photograph.


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blushing rose said...

Oh, piddle! Wish I could still ride on Harley's ... can't tho. Great pics ... I KNOW you had to have a great time riding ... there is nothing more freeing than the ride, the wind, the sky, the peace ... TTFN ~ Marydon

Brynwood Needleworks said...

You're so right. The freedom and fun of being able to catch the world with all your senses. Not much that beats that!
Thanks for dropping by.

susan said...

as always love your inspiration.. Last night I went to a knitting group in Bradenton.. actually not a long drive at all .. right of 75 at 70.. I met some of these ladies in Tampa on Sat at a knitting shop birthday party.. decided I wanted to find some people to knit with, in addition to what is here in SRQ... also fun places to gather ( Picasso's Moon and Spinning Wheel)We met in a Starbuycks.. It was very noisy and with my hearinbg problem and the magnification of sounds with my cochelar implants, it was deafening.. but I enjoyed meeting some new people.. so I shared the Joy.. message.. thanks, Dee

pelicanknits said...

just realized I am pelicanknits on your blog list.. pardon the typos in the previous message

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I'm so glad you went and had some fun with new people. I can understand how the noise in some of those places might be a challenge for you. Sorry about that part, for sure!
See you soon, my friend. Don't worry about your typing. I can always understand what you mean.


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