June 25, 2009

The Gift of Life...

I'm off to the blood bank first thing this morning. My blood type is O negative, the universal donor type. Anyone can use my blood. Local hospitals are desperate for donors this time of year, so I give blood every time I'm asked - and they call me as soon as I'm able to donate again (usually every eight weeks).

I'd planned to be working in the studio for a while and then spend the rest of the day listing up yarn and other needlework supplies on eBay, but my plans will be delayed in favor of helping out by giving a pint.

I've been donating blood since before we moved to Florida. One annual ritual is something I do every Christmas Eve Day. I'm usually out running my last-minute holiday errands so the last thing I do before heading home is to go to the blood bank and give one last gift to someone I'll never even meet...the person who will receive the donation I leave behind.

Last year when I was in Boston, I donated blood at Brigham and Women's Hospital where Handsome was a patient. I was told that they have a large neonatal area in their facility, and that my donation would be used to help up to ten - TEN! - premature babies. Now, you have to know how good that made me feel.

If you're not a blood donor yet, perhaps you'd like to consider giving the Gift of Life. It doesn't take any longer than filling out a bit of paperwork and the time it takes to fill a one pint bag. You may help a person who needs a transfusion due to a surgery or accident, or babies in need of a boost. Either way, you can feel good knowing that someone in medical need will benefit from your generosity.

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Anonymous said...

God Bless you for being a blood donor! I work for Red Cross in California coordinating blood drives for schools, businesses,etc. It is such a great thing to do and helps so many.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thank you, Suzanne.
It's something I think is really important. Thank you, also for the work you do with the Red Cross. It's a really worthy cause.

susan said...

not sure if I posted this twice.. I too give Blood.. usually at SMH on the days when I am there to test the babies' hearing.. I give every 6 or 8 weeks... or whenever they post the notice.. Like you, I do it as a gift.. , Lord knows I have had my share of surgeries, including my Moffitt stint.. Must admit I like the little goodies too. the big over sized tee shirts I wear when I come home and "strip".. or to sleep in , and the little perk of the gift certificate after so many donations to Stonewood Grill ( who can afford dinner out when one spends all her $$ on yarn)

susan said...

DEE.. I wanted to write another comment on your blog.. a personal note.. to thank you for the most enjoyable visit this past week. With out sounding too "Pollyana", It was such fun.. to chat, share, compare.. so many ideas. I really think God plans for special people to meet.. and YOU and I ARE special! I was a little nervous.. and didn't want to come across as some "ADHD who do I move along" kind of a person.. Your manner, your style was calm, and you helped me focus.. which is what I need to do. Do what you love, susan.. and love what you do.. such simple yet poignant advice. So I am back doing that.. looking at my gazillion skeins of yarn.. but with a new direction. Yesterday I wednt to a "birthday party" for knitting store in Tampa ( Knit N Knibble) Carolyn , the owner just moved to a new location.. I just decided.. who wants to go to the gym.. why not go to Tampa!. I had a great day and there were many many people there.. I felt connected since I am trying to find knitting buddies.. there was even a group there from SRQ/Bradenton. a bit closer than NorthPort for me.. I wore my Ying Yang sweater and if I had a dollar for everyone that wanted the pattern, I could have bought more yarn!!!!!!. anyway.. I must stop rambling because I must go spend some time with my "handsome". Donna. you are a gift to everyone that touches you.. and .. not sure I told you.. but during one of my Moffit stints.. the one where I had a pulmonary embolism, I had an angel come to me.. it was the beginning of my relationship with angels.. and really truly.. YOU ARE ONE.. many thanks for coming into my life. susan

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Susan: Thank you for such a kind, kind message. I, too, enjoyed our day together and look forward to the next time we can share an afternoon. Next time we'll also get started on your handwork lesson as I promised you.
You have a way of making people feel special, too. It's a gift that not everyone has. It's a real blessing...as are you.
I know the babies in our area benefit from the Gift of Life that you give when you give blood at SMH. (I like the Stonewood gift certificate credits, too!) ;-)
We'll see each other again soon. Until then...
Be happy, be safe and be crafty!


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