June 2, 2009

I Get A Peaceful, Easy Feeling...

I know, I know...any more and I'll have to pay a royalty (to The Eagles)!

I still have to finish painting the master bedroom, but the bedroom wall that's visible from our front entry and dining room is nice and dry. You know what that means! Time to hang up a framed image.

When we lived in Wisconsin, I went into the shop owned by a friend who framed all my sampler designs and Stitches shop models. This piece was sitting on an easel in the window and I immediately fell in love with it.

You see, I've been in this photo before, watching the graceful egrets that landed in the water near the lowland woods on our property. I've seen this image walking through some of our favorite hunting haunts. I've seen this image in wild areas I've hiked as a child. I've even seen this image on walks in the Myakka State Park here in Florida. Did I say I love this painting?

I left the frame shop and immediately went home to tell Handsome about it, and that I would love for us to own it. Later in the week, without telling me, he went to the shop and purchased the painting as a surprise for me. We've been its proud owners for the past thirteen or so years...and it's never lost it's appeal for me. Thanks to the Wisconsin artist, Eydie Liebelt for her beautiful work.

So, now, I have it hanging in our room again...and every time I walk in or past the doorway, I'm transported to this place - even if only for a moment - and I'm filled with gratitude to Handsome for this gift of a peaceful, easy feeling.

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susan said...

magnificent.. when you come to my home.. you will see some Carl Peters watercolors.. similar history as fare as evoking memories

Liberty said...

Beautiful. Horicon Marsh comes to my mind. The distant sky and marsh combined, looks like a painting in itself.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

You're right, Linda.It does remind me of Horicon Marsh...as well as Eldorado Marsh and a lovely wet area over near Dundee, WI.

Dad and I used to spend summers in the marshes looking for helgramites and leeches. (It was a summer science course he taught for a number of years - not something I did just for giggles!) Anyway, because of that I have so many reference points for the image.

I'm tickled to see you do, too!


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