May 6, 2021

(Not So) Gray Jay Bird Block...

Brynwood Needleworks - "Everlasting" - Gray Jay Bird - Box 6

I had time to complete this block from Primitive Gatherings' "Everlasting" quilt project. You can see that I made my blue jay blue rather than gray. We have lots of blue jays at the farmhouse - year round - so it seemed appropriate that this would be my first modification. It appears I also added a little weight to my version. Gosh! I hope he can still fly!
Because of the color change for the wool for my bird, I also changed the colors of Valdani thread that I used.
Brynwood Needleworks - "Everlasting" Gray Jay Bird Detail

The design called for wool legs and feet, but I opted for stitched instead, creating bullion knots for the toes. I also added different stitching for the wing. 

I'm working on another bird from the blocks today. I'll finish that one and share it with you tomorrow.
I got to my physical therapy session yesterday morning, only to find out that I'd written down the wrong day, soooo I'll be starting my day today with the correct appointment, and then I have an appointment with my primary care provider this afternoon. I'll stitch in between. Looking forward to needle dancing. Medical visits? Not so much.


  1. Yes, Jays should be blue.
    Your changes are pretty. Another beautiful block.
    Did you notice that the backs of Blue Jays look almost like a quilt?
    We feed them peanuts. :)

    1. Hi Marilyn:
      Our jays feed right outside the kitchen window, where I can see them up close. I agree. Just like a quilt! The are beautiful, and they love the fruit and nut birdseed mix I put out for them. It also brings in nuthatches, cardinals, flickers, and three different wood peckers.
      Thanks for your observation.

  2. I agree - jays should be blue for sure. Too bad about the wrong appt. day...hope you didn't have to drive too far!

    1. Hi Maggie:
      Right? Blue, for sure!
      I got to my appointment today, and was sad it was the last one. Then I found out the doctor for this long-term issue won't be taking appointments for the foreseeable future, and I need to find a new doctor. I'm so bummed! Guess what I'll be doing today (besides needlework)?
      I hope you have a great weekend. Time sure flies these days. It seems like only yesterday it was Sunday!

    2. Sorry to hear that about your doctor - are they not suggesting referrals? Hope you find another one that's just as good and not too far away.


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