May 13, 2021

Five To Go...

Brynwood Needleworks - "Everlasting" Peony Flower Box 9

I got sidetracked yesterday with a few errands (can't wait to share one of them with you soon!), so I only completed one block. This is the Peony Flower block from Wool Box 9.
I used the same threads called for in the pattern, but I think we just used different areas of the Valdani variegated threads. I added small blanket stitch wheel sections at the top of the green stems. I added chain stitch veining on the leaves, and finally, I added closer stitching, radiating the blanket stitch on the pink part of the blossoms.
I'm already working on #5, as I count down through the final five blocks. I'll likely have these completed by the end of the weekend. (squeeee!) Of course, I have other things to do before this project will be complete (the center applique' and block), and of course, squaring up all the blocks for assembly. That will all take more time. Of course, I'll share everything as I continue working on this project.


  1. You're working through these so fast! I love Valdani thread - don't have much of it in my stash and I am pretty picky where I use it.

    1. Hi Maggie:
      I like using it, too. It's really perfect for wool applique' projects. I began adding more colors to my meager stash of the threads when I started executing these wool box projects. I understand keeping it for special projects. The prices of pearl cottons sure went up in the time since I owned a shop! (Of course, what hasn't?)


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