March 27, 2021

Pulling It All Together...

Brynwood Needleworks - Brynwood "Nocturne" Bag - Birds
While I enjoy production assembly for many of my bags and wallets, the only part I do as "production" on my Nocturne bags is the cutting. Once I finish preparing all the parts for them, I assemble these a little differently.

I have all the components of each bag clipped together. I take that stack, and I assemble the front and back exterior pieces, attach hardware, connectors and accents for each bag in my lineup. Then, I'll finish the assembly from that point to completion, one-at-a-time. I'll make all the handles and straps at the very end.

I'm just sharing a peek of the bag I'm creating for my sister. I am working on the other bags, too, but I'll share the finishes on Monday. I love when I get to this point, - everything starts coming together.



  1. That fabric is so beautiful, your sister will love it.

  2. That fabric! I love it. Your sister is sure to love it. Have fun assembling everything.


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