December 16, 2020

Ready To Party...

Brynwood Needleworks - Christmas Sheep Cookies
I originally planned to make sheep and quilt block cookies for the small gathering I'm attending today. Truthfully, I knew I wouldn't have the stamina to decorate the two different cookies (I'm only two weeks post op today!), so I opted to make just one of them this time.

As it was, the cookies mixed and baked in no time at all. It took me three hours to decorate 2-1/2 dozen. By the time I was finished...I was gassed. I made a cup of tea and put my feet up. I'm pleased with the results, and I think they'll be appreciated by the ladies today.

Rather than make another dish to pass, I signed up to bring a savory snack. I cheated. Handsome and I went to the store yesterday, and I chose a bagel dip (to serve with New York bagel chips), and a spinach dip (to serve with nice bread crisps). 

I'll be with the Sewcial Sisters today at Lisa's house on the lake. There are a number of the ladies who won't be attending because they're being Covid-cautious, but most of the people who'll be there have been sticking close to home this entire year, as we have. I'm sure we'll be just fine, and I personally need some socialization. I haven't been to many of the gatherings all year, and I'm missing my friends. A Christmas party is just the thing.
Brynwood Needleworks - Finished Pink Socks

The pink socks are finished, too. I finished them on Monday night. Now to decide what to work on next.


  1. The cookies are too cute.
    Have fun at your gathering.

  2. Those cookies led to an involuntary 'awwwww' when I saw them. So cute! I'm sure the ladies will love them (and they will completely understand why you aren't making everything yourself). Enjoy your get together - be safe!

    1. That's so sweet, MA! A fun time was had by all. There were 8 of us, all told.
      Hope you're enjoying the holiday season, too.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sunny! They were pretty tasty, too.
      Merry Christmas!


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