September 16, 2019

Farmhouse Renovation - Goodbye, Mud...

Brynwood Needleworks - Mulching
Well, we're working on it, anyway. The dirt in the foreground has been seeded with grass and clover. The history of the farmhouse says that the year it was built, it was "planted" in a field of clover. Much of the clover still grows along with the grass. We're continuing that tradition when we plant grass.

The top of the yard (above the wall) is being mulched to keep down weeds while we work on plantings. The long downspout will eventually be replaced with a gravel "riverbed" and a little pond. It's part of my plan for next spring, however, if I have time yet this fall, perhaps I'll get started on it.
Brynwood Needleworks - Goodbye, Mud
I've already planted sedum, Jacob's ladder, gypsophila (baby's breath), pink and purple coneflowers, lavender, and hardy mums. I'll be adding Shasta daisies (Mom's favorite), and a few others. I also have a beautiful butterfly bush, but I read that it can get 6-8' tall, so I'm rethinking that. While I want the plantings to fill in, I don't want them to obstruct the stonework. 

My plan for the stone "riverbed" and little pond will begin at the base of the downspout, and work outward toward the corner and stone monument. The lavender and coneflowers will frame it. I'll be trying to decide what I'd like along the retaining wall, too. Perhaps something that will trail over the edge? 

I'll be able to work on my plan over the winter, order plants, and be ready for more landscaping in the spring. I'm looking forward to that.

For now, Handsome and I will place the rest of the ten yards of mulch that were delivered on Saturday, along with the additional five yards being delivered today. We only managed to place this much on Saturday, before we were both pooped (and I was also running back and forth into the kitchen, as I was making bread that had to proof thirty minutes at a time. I baked it off after we stopped at the corner). 

We also lost a beautiful branch from the old apple tree last week, and Handsome is mulling over my request to place it in the front garden bed (you know, like some places use driftwood). We may move it in there so I can see what it looks like (after the mulch), and then I can imagine how I'd like to plant around it. I'm sure I'll take photos to share with you before and after it's moved in place, so we can decide if it's going to stay.

Tag will be here tomorrow to tell you about his week (or day). We're going on a little outing this morning. Shhhhhh. I'm not telling him where, but I'm sure he'll have something to say about it when you visit with him tomorrow. I'd better get going...

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suz said...

this is coming along so beautifully - can't wait to see how everything will look once spring comes! The contractors did an amazing job!

Createology said...

Looking very beautiful. I love your idea of a dry creek coming from the downspout. Have a look at Trailing Rosemary for over the front short wall to see if you like it. Smells divine and gets lovely little lavender flowers. Butterfly bushes get very tall and leggy. Penstemon would be an alternative that hummingbirds love. Lots of fun designing and deciding your new gardens dear.


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