July 11, 2018

Farmhouse Update - The Pantry...

A Place To Hang Towels

Handsome and I do dishes every night after dinner. Together. By Hand. Usually, I wash the dishes and he dries. We talk while we clean up after our evening meals, so that the sink area of our pantry is tidy for making coffee first thing in the morning. We actually like the time we spend talking and doing dishes. It's become a happy ritual.

One of the areas where we wanted to add some light was at the sink. There's one overhead light in the pantry that I'm sure was perfectly fine for many years, however, if I'm washing, Handsome's tall physique kind of blocks the light. We decided we wanted to add something to the sink area to help.

He's on his way to play circus music this week in Iowa. I went to Hobby Lobby, and well...one thing led to another. Before I knew it, I'd found three pieces I thought would be perfect, paid for them, and turned for home.

Early Winters' Brass Candle Lantern

The vignette in the first photo is the shelf, with hooks, I bought for hanging towels. I moved the "Coffee Labrador" up from its previous spot directly above the paper towel holder. Now it's above the tray portion of this shelf.

Recently, I was unpacking a few more boxes and happened up this portable camp candle lamp. I purchased this one (and one other) shortly after Handsome and I got married. His initials are engraved on the front (below the silver name plate shown), and on the back I had engraved something sweet we've shared between us since before we were wed. The lantern fit perfectly on the third hook.

Let There Be Light!

My main purchase was this cubby hole shelf unit. I wanted something onto which I could mount a strip light fixture. This fit the bill on many levels.

Once I got it home, I took measurements and installed the wall anchors and screws where they needed to be. Next, I mounted the LED light strip under the shelf.

Have you ever had trouble siting the location for the mounting hardware before? I discovered a genius, little method to avoid trouble. I just take the largest width of painter's tape, find a good reference point, and then place the tape across the back of the piece with the mounting hardware within the taped area. Using a pencil, I perforate the tape right where the screws would go for hanging. Now, gently pull the tape off the back, and mount it on the wall where you want to hang the piece. Make sure it's level, and then drill pilot holes through the tape where you marked the mounting hardware to go, and install your wall anchor. (I happen to like the screw in-type). Now you can pull the tape. Hang your piece, and you're all finished. Easy!

Pantry Sink Area
The last piece was the "rake" on the side wall. Another place to hang tea towels. I also put almost all of my creamware into the cubbies. Then, I ran the outlet cord for the light bar behind the "labrador" shelf and down to the outlet. We'll do some permanent solutions when we remodel the kitchen and pantry, but for now, this is going to work like a charm.
Oh, I don't want to forget to tell you about the gift Shelly gave me shortly after we moved into Hickory Hill Farms. She brought a small milk can down for us. She said her dad used to take it up to the dairy each week for milk. Now it's ours, and is in a place where it can be seen. I love it up on top of the shelf!
I installed everything myself, and spent well under a hundred dollars on everything. A lot of form and function for the buck! Now, washing dinner dishes will be a little brighter. Happy. Happy.

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CathieJ said...

I don't think that I would have thought to use those items as you did. This little vignette is wonderful to have when washing dishes. You are quite handy.

Createology said...

You did a fantastic job of shopping and installing your fun and functional Hickory Hill Farmhouse decor. This vignette is perfect. <3 How wonderful to know Handsome is playing Circus music and keeping it alive for those of us who loved the circus which is now mostly gone!

suz said...

Love what you've done! Everything looks wonderful.


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