August 5, 2017

Winner, Winner...

Oh, my goodness! This was HARD! There were so many wonderful names, but you know...I had to pick one to win my Grab & Go Clutch. 

Congratulations, Laura Dowdall. 
My machine will now be called "Jenny Janome".
I'll be sending a Grab & Go Crossbody to The Midlands, UK for you!
Now...for the great news.
You didn't win? Don't feel bad.
As a small token of my appreciation to everyone who posted a name suggestion for me, I'm going to send a small gift to you. 
Please make sure I have your address (and in some cases, real name instead of screen name), and I'll have yours on your way next week. (I have to make them yet.)

If I don't have your name and address, I can't send your gift to you. Laura, if you haven't moved, I have your address. To everyone else, if I've had your address in the past and you haven't moved, I've got you covered. If you're not sure, please take the precaution and send an email to me with your current information. Send to me via the "email me" link in my sidebar (Do not leave in a comment here.)

Thanks to everyone who participated!

7 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Danice said...

Congrats to Laura. So nice of you to send the gifts to all who commented. I will email you with my info :)

laura dowdall said...

how lovely,I'm very excited to win one of your beautiful creations.I do indeed live in the same old place.
You have a loving generous heart Donna to give everyone a gift.
Thank you so much ,I'm so happy "jenny" now has a name.

sunny said...

Congrats to Laura!

Sewing In CT said...

How nice that so many of us were considered for your sweet machine!
Your Brynwood community is such a sweet place!

Createology said...

Congratulations Laura. Thank yoiu Donna for always being so very thoughtful and generous. Happy Sewng with Jenny Janome. <3

heartsease54 said...

That is a great name, good choice and congratulations to Laura.

mray said...

What a delightful choice! Congratulations to Laura, and thank you Donna for a follow up gift. You are so kind and thoughtful dear friend. Back to happy stitching here, and I really am so happy you are loving & enjoying Hickory Hill.


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