August 24, 2017

We Love It Here...

Morning Glories On The Farm

The morning glories are blooming again. They bring their happy color to our days.

More Color For The Garden

 The sun is shining. They weather is perfect for my taste, and the flowers are in bloom.

Ripening Pears

The windfalls from the pear tree are ripening in the sunny window in the kitchen. The ones that are still on the tree are getting closer to ripe, too. It won't be long before I start canning them. Perhaps they'll be ready by the weekend. I'll continue to collect the windfalls until then.

The days are getting shorter, and I continue to savor every second we share at the farm.



  1. Fall is definitely in the air and Summer is waning quickly. Your pears look fantastic! You will be so happy when they are canned and ready to eat all year round. Lovely Morning Glories to greet you each morning...<3

  2. the morning glories are wonderful - one of my favorite flowers! You have a great crop of pears already! I love that you'll be canning them!

  3. I loved living in the country. I can tell how happy being there makes you. xo

  4. You remind me so much of me when we finally moved back up north after years in the south. That was 19 years ago, and I still savor every bit of it here--weather, plants, people. I can tell that it will likely stay fresh for you, too.


  5. It's amazing to think that there was enough time for those pears to grow! It's seems like yesterday, it was spring!


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