August 4, 2017

A Day In Town...

This is true, unless your day in the town is with a dear friend.
Kathy and I had a great time yesterday. We went to Nancy's Notions, Jo-Ann Fabrics, had lunch, and then back home. We saw all sorts of wonderful things, and made a few purchases, too. 

I'm back in the studio today, trying to finish some projects with deadlines. I seem to have a little trouble concentrating these days when it's so inviting outside. (Nose to the grindstone, Donna.)

If you want to get in on my little contest, HERE is the link. I'll be choosing a winner at 11 pm tomorrow and will announce my Janome's new name and the winner of one of my Grab & Go Cork Clutches. Stay tuned!
I hope I can show you a finished project tomorrow. I'll do my best. Have a great Friday. It's hard to believe we're already into August. sheesh. 


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laura dowdall said...

It's true,I love to be in the country side.A country lane or riverside,heaven.Glad you enjoyed your day out.xx

sunny said...

You sound so happy in your new life! I think you've found the perfect balance.

Createology said...

I completely agree with this image and saying...however it is wonderful to go to town once iin a while and shop, see a movie, stroll the busy streets and experience cosmopolitan living. We have been rural for 19 years and I long for town. Looking forward to seeing your purchases. Quality time with your friend...Priceless! <3

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

I do love Rosetti; so wise, pithy. Although, a day in town can restore one's batteries - lol.


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