August 28, 2017

Picked, Peeled And Preserved...

Fresh Pears From The Farm

These were all picked (or windfalls, picked up), over the past week. Sunday was rainy, so it was perfect for a day of canning.

Ready For Peeling

We went to a farmer's market in Elkhart Lake on Saturday, where I found two of these great wooden racks. I'll tell you more about those later this week, but I can tell you each one holds a lot of produce! I was determined to keep after it until this rack was empty.

A Day's Work
I started by bringing up all the canning supplies from my cabinet in the basement, and set up my pots, tools and jars. Jars were cleaned, and they and the lids were sterilized. I made the first batch of syrup, and started peeling at 10:30 am. 

At 5:15, my produce rack was empty, the last of the jars were in the canner and I started cleanup. I ended the day with 19 new pint jars of pears. (23, counting the four we did on Friday.) Handsome volunteered to do cleanup, and I put away all the canning supplies until it's time for tomatoes. (They're next in a week or so.)

I'll be back in the studio today. I'm taking photos and listing up more fabric for my online shop. I think I'm really getting the hang of this Balance thing. (wink)


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  1. Your pears look amazng in your new wooden tray and in their canned jars. I always find pears to be very tricky as to when they are just right for they seem to have about a 20 minute window of ripe perfection. LOL. Wonderful Week of Balance Dear...<3


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