August 30, 2017

Be Joyful Always...

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I'm sure you're wondering what else I've been doing. Book work yesterday. Book work. It was so necessary for me to purge, clean up, and backup my laptop and my desktop computers. I couldn't ignore this task for one more day. 
At the end of it all, I was as happy as a clam. (Isn't that a funny term?) I managed to clean up over 350 GB of storage on my desktop! I also purged and cleared out a lot more space on my laptop, and moved important files to removable drives. It was a good day.

That means, today I can play again! I'm completing the gifts I'm sending out to my blog friends who suggested names for Jenny Janome. I want to have them all in the mail by Thursday morning. I'll show you what I've made as a little "thank you" to everyone except Laura (who won a crossbody bag for her winning suggestion - Jenny).

With all the possibilities to see bad, sad, or hurtful things these days, I hope you choose to find Joy instead. 



  1. Our World needs a lot more JOY and I shall choose to find it today and every day forward. Boook work is a necessary chore but it sure is important...especially if you do not want to lose your data! Joy and Balance...May your day be exactly as you like it to be...<3

  2. Such a pretty spoon. I try to choose joy always. Sometimes it is hard. Thanks for the reminder to seize opportunities in front of us!


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