August 10, 2017

Summer Nights...

Fond du Lac Symphonic Band - Summer Band

I worked on my quilt project during the day yesterday, but the evening belonged to Handsome and music. We went to Buttermilk Creek Park in Fond du Lac, and the weather was perfect for a concert in the park. Prior to the downbeat, the band took time out to pose for a group picture.

Fond du Lac Symphonic Band - Summer Band

I had a perfect seat on the hillside, and there were no bugs to interrupt my enjoyment. After I took this picture, more people arrived to fill in the spaces, and a nice crowd settled in to listen to the music. 

Fond du Lac Symphonic Band - Summer Band
Any time I can listen to my husband music is a perfect time in my book. It was a night for music under the stars. 
**My post title is a nod to the passing of Glen Campbell. The more I learned of his career, the more respect I had for him. Alzheimer's stole the life of a truly talented man, and he'll be missed by many.

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laura dowdall said...

I spot handsome,he stands taller than all the rest.Glad you took time to relax and enjoy the sweet music.Do you have a musical skirt on or is it a throw,I'm always looking for lovely fabric for my daughter.My eldest daughter is an interior designer who just happens to be a guitarist too,she would love something in that musical theme.
Hubby and I both loved Glens music ,he will be sadly missed by many.

Createology said...

Truly a lovely way to spend an evening. I love your musical themed palazzo pants! Music clearly does soothe the soul. Truly Terrific Thursday Sweet Donna...<3

Createology said...

P.S. I forgot to say how Brave Glen and his family were to publicly share his battle. He was an amazing and gifted musician. I had the pleasure to meet him years ago when our local Chamber hired him to do a concert for our community.


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