August 18, 2017

Potions Class...

Ingredients for Lotion and Soap Making

Yesterday was Soap Making and Lotions 101 class. My stepsister (and even longer friend), Sherryl came out to share her expertise with me. I told her that I'd seen a recipe for Dandelion Lotion Bars from The Nerdy Farm Wife blog (HERE) and had harvested dandelions in the spring anticipating this day.

I probably looked like one of those "farm wife gardening" yard ornaments to anyone who might chance up the drive as I picked dandelions to make the infused oil. lol But I did manage to pick quite a few, which I promptly dried and then put into a jar with sunflower seed oil. It's been steeping for at least two months, perhaps as much as four months, and yesterday was the day to put that healing oil to good use.

My Stepsister, Sher, Sharing Her Expertise

Our first try for the lotion bars was one of the suggested methods for forming the melted ingredients. It didn't work. Here Sher is cleaning out the last of the first batch out of the jar lids. (The minute we filled them, they started oozing out between the cover and the cap. Bad idea. I won't use canning lids for molds again.)

While Sher was cleaning out the lids, I was behind her, remelting the salvaged mixture to try again in another mold. The second time it worked, and I'm much happier with the shape we decided on, too.

Finished Lotion Bars and Salve Jars

Rather than rounds, the lotion bars actually look like...bars! These won't be as easy to disintegrate to nothing (from body heat) as it might have been for the smaller molded pieces.  Simply rubbing your hands on one immediately makes them soft. This shape is much better.

We chose lavender buds for this batch of bars. The recipe for these is what I saw from The Nerdy Farm Wife blog. We thought they looked (and smelled) so lovely with the buds infused into the lotion bar.

We also made two jars of unscented salve for Handsome. He's quite sensitive to perfumes, so we're making life a little happier by making his the salve scent-free.

Rendered Bear Fat Soaps

Last spring, Sher spent a few days rendering bear fat. She brought some of the resulting soaps for us to try. Who knew bear fat could end up so useful? (Well, aside from pioneers and Sher!) Aren't her molds wonderful? Look at those shapes.

Homemade Jellies and Glycerine Soaps
We also made a batch of glycerine soap. I know they look like Jello, but trust me, they're soaps. Sher also brought two of her favorite jellies for me. Wild blueberry and hibiscus! Can't wait to try the hibiscus. I bet it's delicious! Morning toast will tell.
Today is another busy one. There'll be lots to tell you about, too! Be sure to come back Saturday to see what's new here at the farm.

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Jeannie B. said...

I love homemade soap. There is nothing like it! You have so much fun!

Createology said...

Very fun and productive day of being a real Farm Girl! Lavender Lotion Bars look beautiful and I can imagine how divine they smell. I understand Handsome and fragrances...I have a sister who is actually allergic to Lavender and I found out when I gave her one of my Lavender Wands I was so proud of making after visiting a Lavender farm and taking a class years ago. Lovely soaps and very fun shapes. Dandelion infused oil? I am not familiar with this at all. Happy Balance of real pioneer crafting. Funday Friday Dear...<3

Sewing In CT said...

That looks like such fun! I will have to check out that blog. :)


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